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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Bud Head, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. What is the way everyone dries their weed.

    I either dry it naturaly in a open secluded spot out side or sometimes i'll dry it in the oven on low heat for about 2 hours. How do ya'll do it!
  2. It really depends on how much weed we're talking about here

    anything under a pound I usually put in butchers paper and let it dry slow.....unless it's just a gram or two then it's on the lampshade or the car heater.......over a pound I hang it up with space heaters in the room then throw it in the freezer for a while
  3. Usually between a half pound to a pound.
  4. Dry the natural way for larger amounts, (8oz +), I hang upside down in my garage, takes about 6-8 days.
    Otherwise small testers i dry on the defrost setting in the microwave.
  5. Hanging is the way that I dry large amounts. I posted naturally instead of hanging.

    I didn't know if it was the best way or if there was a better way. Smaller amounts I dry in the oven for quick drying.

    Thanks Buds and great day all!
  6. So is it good to do small amounts in oven? Doesn't that auctually take all the TCH(the good shit!) out??? Also is putting outside not a bad idea? Like I can't hang it near the air conditioning or anything cause I live with my parents. Well is hanging in the attic alright? With hmm a fan blowing at it, or outside better for large amounts(O-LBS) and then oven for small amounts, like nick/dime/8th?
  7. Hang 'em high and them bury them in glass jars under the full moon behind an oak tree struck by lightening is the old Kentucky hillbilly method.
  8. lol, what if you can't find a oak tree struck by lightning?

    So when u think its time to harvest just flippin plant and hanging upside down would be fine? Should I keep in grow room with fan? and how long
  9. Yuk....ovens,heat kill,,,,the plant needs to convert cannaboids to thc through slow is harsh,less potent,and tastes like.....well....shit!!

    I always hang on a cord,in a dark,dry,cool area,,,takes a couple weeks.and the bouquet is mmmmmm.

    taste tests I do in the Mic,on the lowest setting,1 minute at a time watching for steam,,if it steams,I stop it,,and wait till it cools ,,then repeat until dried..,,,,and tastes much better than oven....

  10. Thanks alot, that all should go for hanging and if that not possible do microwave....Hanging in a attic would that work? Not in the spot we are building to grow but in the the 2nd attic(friend has 2 some reason, RICH BASTARDS!)

  11. yep!
  12. SOO...dryin a plant or two in ones attic is fine?
  13. don't see why not, hoping so cause that basically is only chance I have.... And was that drying in the room where it is dark with no lights, or could it go in the room(its built in the attic, hidden from cops :p) where the lights are and fan.

    Thinking it would be better away from the lights, right??? But like does it need a fan?
  14. Cool,Dark,and ventilated,,..


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