Best way to dry trim?

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  1. What's up GCers? I am currently sitting with about 2 pounds of fresh trim that was harvested about a week ago.

    What's the fastest way to dry this stuff out?

    I have 8 mason jars packed full in the freezer and although it is drying it's taking too long for my liking.

    Any tips & tricks would be a great help!
  2. I mean I would just put it in an enclosed room with a good bit of direct airflow. Obviously you're not worried about the harshness of your trim, so I say just blow fans on it.
  3. throw it in a cardboard box and mix it up once or twice a day.
  4. use the stove
  5. Its trim! Ever play 52 pick-up...well finding all that trim will be 100000000000000 times harder now that the fans blew it away.

    To the OP. get a screen door (or the frame of one), and staple a very fine screen to it. Set this off the ground a few feet. Place a clean white sheet on the floor so that anything that might fall though is on that instead of the carpet. Keep it in a room similar to a drying room with no lights on, 65-70*F, and 45-50% humidity...but no fans at all. Let em dry for a 2-3 days constantly checking on them so they dont get TOO dry. Once dry enough...wait what are you using them for? Hash? Which method will you be using?
  6. Hang em up, Pluck, pluck, Snip, snip, Dark, 4 days hanging. Put them into mason jars, take the lid off, once per day, for around 30 min - 1 hour. Seal again, and repeat, 10 days. Then let the lids stay on, for, Well, the longer, the better.

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  7. I may have gotten this wrong, but are we taking about freshly manicured buds, or the clippings? If its the freshly manicured buds, then forget my earlier post. Hang them in a dark room (Temp=65-70*F, Humidity=45-50%, No light, and a fan on the floor blowing horizontaly) for 5-7 days, around day 5 I test the stems of the bud by bending them over, if they fold more drying is needed, if they snap then they are ready for curing. Then cure for 3-4weeks (I do it this long for most buds, but 3+months for my personal stashes). Week 1: Open the jars for 5-10 minutes 3-4 times per day. Week 2: Open the jars 5-10 minutes every other day, Week 3: Open for 5-10 minutes twice during the week, then Week 4: Leave the jars closed for 7 days from the last opening during Week 3, then open to let in fresh air, then close the jars up, and only open them when you want to smoke some.

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