Best way to dry/cure your bud.

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  1. Hey, just wondering (since in about 4/5 weeks im going to be having to do this for the very first time) whats the easiest and best way to dry and cure your bud, without forgetting about good tasting bud afterall lol. All opinions/facts are welcome!!! lol Thanks. Smoke on...peace:smoking:
  2. I like to throw it into a container and then into a refridgerator for a few weeks. But I dunno how that method works as far as taste goes.
  3. Hang in a dark, dry area with some air circulation (no fan directly on the buds though) for about 5-7 days until dry. You can tell they are ready by bending the stems. If they snap rather than bend then they are good to go. Pack buds loosely into mason jars or some other air tight container. Glass is the best. Open jars for a few minutes 2 or 3 times a day. After two or three weeks you can leave them sealed. The longer you leave them the better and more potent they'll become. Sometimes after a few days the bud will start to smell like hay or grass but that'll pass soon and the true smell and flavor will arrive. The only thing you have to be careful of is curing before the buds are dry. That is a good recipe for mold.
  4. to harvest you have 2 options 1) do as buz indicated(works fine) or option 2 - trim off all the fan leaf before hanging, hang for 7 days. Then cut bud from plants and trim bud leafs off of bud and place loosely in paper bag for 5-7 days, turning them every day(a shoe box works nice too). After that you can put them in any air tight container or vacuum seal and put it in the freezer. If you vacuum you will need a variable control vacuum with an override so that u don't crush the buds. I put my buds in a reg baggie then in the vacuum bag. Works great and when I need a more weed I don't have to worry about mold, it just doesn't grow in the freezer!
  5. i use dessicant bags - like the ones u get with new electrical stuff only bigger.
    put some in the bottom of a jar, put a coffee filter on top, then fill up with bud.
    Dries them out nice without the need to keep opening the jar - except to take em out & skin up :D
  6. i have discovered just today that i can use the top of my monitor and a piece used for catching excess water from the planting pot, as a cheap and easy bud/leaf dehydrator.
    what i did was i put the bud on top of my monitor and put the piece over it.
    afterwards i took a nap. when i awoke,
    the bud was dried (my nap was 2hours). i tasted it,toked it, the taste was all there.
    also, if you don't want anyone to see the bud, just color the piece.

    :smoking:love and peace
  7. Any way u can explain more or post a pic mofuggaimjesus?
  8. Yes, please explain.

    Do you mean the heat from the monitor along with the open air dried it?
  9. Slowly. When you're tierd of waiting....dry slower. Low humidity, cooler a "dry" point I use mason jars and open daily as Buzz described. Slowly is the key word here. You can dry and not cure. Curing occurs after drying and is an important factor between good buds and WOW! Remember....slow.
  10. Also, you can get dry ice at a bunch of places, but I'm going to my local ice cream store.

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