best way to dry and cure extremely oily dense buds

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  1. ive got something thats almost done that ive been waiting for a long time to finish. it is extremely oily and resin packed...the resin glands are insanely clustered and protruding out of the main cola....dripping in trichomes... my main concern is that it will never dry out enough/ cure well enough for me to twist up a hooter and only light it once.... any suggestions? and aware of the typical dry/cure process... was just wanting some \"professional\" input...and general suggestions...???
  2. here you go....example....

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  3. just hang it in a cardboard box and have a fan pointing on it not directly tho i used guitar string to hang them but as long as it hold the bud and dont hurt it its ok also keep where ur drying it cool and have a low rh and u shoule be good it will take a bit but it will be dry enough to cure with no mould whatsoever. also trimming the fan leaves would make it dry faster
  4. looks delicious. NUM NUM NUM={} what strain is that..and hows the smell? and i agree it will dry out with the method he mentioned
  5. beautiful plant man mad props for this one!:bongin:
  6. the strain is ICE it smells crazy... its my first time so im extremely excited..but also dont wanna screw it up.
  7. as long as u have air going past the buds to take away the moisture that they produce from drying. i put a thermometer on one of my dry boxes and kept the temp between 18 and 22 degrees celsius (dont know farenheight very well sry if ur american) and kept the humidity around 50% and after about 2 weeks they will be ready to cure
  8. Thats a dank cola! If you really want to see a bud dripping with trichomes, check this out.[​IMG]
  9. did the ice seeds come off the internet or somewhere else? just haveing a hard time finding a strian that i like,what nutes are you using aswell?
  10. If you are aware of the drying/curing process than just do it like your normally would. Just because you got a fat bud, doesn't mean that you can't follow the same techniques. Just make sure the room you have them drying in is normal room temperature, and your humidity levels are normal.

    If you are really worried about them, put a small ocilating fan next to them for the first day they are hanging.

    Other than that, I would not worry. I've had colas as wide as a two-liter bottle that dried fine. You just have to watch them, and generally they take a little bit longer to finish drying.

    Good looking bud btw, nice job!

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