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Best way to dilute urine for drug test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The420Kid, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. What are some good tips and tricks to dilute urine for a drug test?
  2. Before my mom was okay with me smoking she gave me a drug test, since I knew I wouldn't be clean, since I was still high.. I dilluted it with vinegar. Like I hid a cup of it in my bathroom and just mixed it in. She never knewww. [:
  3. the best way to pass a drug test is DON'T do the drug that is being tested for. A drug screen tests like 10 or 7 drugs.

    I was being tested for a job one time that I was trying to get. I was smoking everyday for quite a while, like a year or so. I lived out of state from where I applied for the job. I picked up a few drug screen testers and the Pills, drink mixes that say you should pass a drug test ( you've seed the adds ) I also worked out everyday to speed my system up my system. Non of it worked. I was offerd the job and i put them off long enough to pass the drug test. I was luck they needed me real bad! It took almost 3 months to pass the test! I did pick up some Synthetic Urine, I never used it, it comes with a couple of hand warmers that you put the bottle between with a rubber band. If you can get it in to the place and transfer to the test cup you should be good. I think I payed $40 US for it. Don't try that other stuff it sucks..I think I ended up spending over $300 for all that crap!

    Good Luck Man.

  4. There's a sticky here that answers this.
  5. Best way to clean your system. Take about 300mg of niacin everyday, Multivitamens, drink lots of water everyday, and exercise, and goto sauna. You won't have to deal with the bullshit of the detox pills and drinks that fuck with your stomach and piss that most government administered test can test for now days.
  6. Niacin will not clean your system.

    Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, aids in digestion, hormone production, skin health, and nervous system maintenance (Science News). Niacin has a role in fat metabolism and doctors often prescribe niacin in large doses to patients with high cholesterol.

    People mistakenly assume that niacin burns out the THC, but this is false hope encouraged by a tingly heat flushed sensation. I have personally FAILED two drug tests trying to use niacin. It is my suspicion that people who have passed their tests did so on their own accord. Perhaps the job wasn't worried about marijuana and is just looking for the more "methy" side of drugs [pun intended]. Maybe the test had a high tolerance for the PPM. But i promise you niacin does not work.

    There is a way to dilute it though like you asked. it involves drinking lots of water, eating vitamins, and taking aspirin. eventually the water is flushing straight through your system, and the vitamins make it seem like real "urine" and the aspirin masks certain things.

    if you need to cheat the system i recommend you look into the latter option.

    hope this helps someone
  7. im just going to stick to your question since you probably wont learn any other way than to find it out on your own.

    the best way to dilute your urine is to drink water non stop all day the day before the test, but not too much or else you will die from water intoxication.

    now i dont forsee you learning what i mean when i say you need to learn ill just say it outright.

    A PISS TEST COMING BACK AS DILUTED IS CONSIDERED A FAILURE BY EMPLOYERS AND COURT SYSTEMS. diluting urine is a garaunteed failure. if you dont dilute there is always a chance that its been long enough since you smoked that you will pass.
  8. I owe my experience to everyone researching this. I have had 2 urine samples sent to labs for non-DOT employment and passed both just drinking about 1/2 a gallon of water within a couple hours. Recently I smoke high grade bud everyday. My recent test was done at Quest Diagnostics and I only quit smoking for about 24 hours in case of a swab. Its not a bad idea to call the MRO a few days later imo. My results were sent to the employer the day after visiting Quest which is a good implication you passed, but I didn't hear anything until my background check was finished as well.

    I weigh 150 but I don't think weight has anything to do with this method. I also find it hard to believe they send clear samples to GC/MS. Either I have naturally high creatinine, they don't check, or im a lucky one. I don't recommend anyone to neglect strict instructions with creatine and vitamins but I haven't needed it. I hope this helps someone, and much thanks to others sharing their results and knowledge.

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