Best way to determine if LHS is overpriced?

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  1. What are some good items to compare prices on, when determining if I am getting a good deal or not.

    I'm looking at getting a high end piece, I found this bad ass 2011bc and a couple others that I like. But, I can't determine if they are too high priced or not.

    Is there a good way to ask about some pieces or other items in the store that would help me gauge if my LHS is overpriced or not? If so, what are some good things to ask about, and what prices would he considered good/fair deals?

    Any help would be appreciated. It's just hard to tell if items are a good deal or not, and I'm not too knowledgable with buying tubes or pieces.
  2. well what 2011bc is it? The AC's gridded and worked are around 200, the bubblers gridded and worked are around 300, the stemline to gridded tophat circ are around 500, the lowrider gridded downstem to gridded tree/circ are around 400-500. If any of these are too far off, you can have a pretty good idea.
  3. Firstly, you'll be able to get a much more helpful answer if you include some descriptions of what you were looking at and what prices they were listed at. Secondly, and I'm not sure this applies everywhere, but in my LHS I always ask for at least 30% off whatever I am buying, even if I know I wont get it. If shops can have 25% off or 30% of 4/20 sale its because they are MAKING profit not loosing it.

    Generally, reputable headshops will list their products for what the blowers ask, or a bit higher. Sticker price is always marked up! A great way to gauge what your LHS is selling for and what the generally accepted retail price is would be to shop around ALT; their listings are usually at if not extremely close to retail.

    Hopefully that helps, and remember if you arren't happy with the price, WALK AWAY. There will almost always be something to tickle your fancy in the LHS, you don't need to make their job too easy :p
  4. I was also going to say that ALT is pretty much MSRP, but then you still have to pay shipping.

    So if it costs about the same as ALT then it's probably priced right, but like the above poster said you can haggle. Now if it costs more than ALT you're paying way too much.
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    Great post, yeah I try to check online, but sometimes it's hard to gauge exactly what piece or tube you are looking at because there are so many different types.

    I was just looking for a simply way to find out how much the LHS were marking the price up, such as looking for a common piece/price or something of that sort.

    Does every tube have a different name? If I'm looking at a 2011bc or s zob or toro or anything like that, should I always ask what the name of it is or something of the sort? I just have a hard time finding the tubes I like, later on when searching on the Internet.

    Thanks for the help.
  6. Something to take note of would be that some percs are typically cheaper than other percs. As well as some brands are more expensive in general.

    A showerhead beaker by Zob should be cheaper than the same style tube by Syn.

    Take note of which brands are more high-end than other brands, and take note of which percs cost more. Just like anything eventually you should be able to make general estimated appraisals on your own, simply by knowing the specifications of a given tube.

    Start noticing how much it costs to make 5mm tubes vs 7mm or 9mm tubes. Start noticing how bore diameter and height affect prices. Again, doing research will always help you make smarter purchases. Not knowing what is right is never an excuse for doing the wrong thing (including getting ripped off).
  7. Yeah, I'm trying to learn more so I can gauge it more on my own, I have lots of learning to do, but I don't want to spend 500 on a nice tube and find out later that I got ripped, im looking for that bad ass high end tube, but I just don't want to buy one that I could have got a lot cheaper somewhere else.
  8. almost every head shop is overpriced
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    you arent serious right? ALT is clearly a little higher priced then any headshop around me

    they were selling pillars for 1200 an i got mine around my area for say that is a bit of a difference
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    Dude where do u live at? Haha, if I could find cheaper than ALT, I'd be buying a lot more
  11. look at my name brohan von joseph:smoke:

    if you are around the new england i can put you in the right direction
  12. boston I'll probably PM you for some recommendations later this summer ... always nice to buy locally and see the glass in person.
  13. Man, I'm in Houston. Nowhere close to Boston. Wish I had some places down here with the prices you got up there.

  14. Pillars and collabs are really the only thing over priced, i think just said he could get a stemline from his lhs for 300$ then shipping, but alt was still cheaper on the shipping, so for me it was still cheaper, even to canada.
    Alt is over priced on certain things.

    Best brands are stone glass works, syn , 2010bc, Sovereignty and i'm sure you get any of those, they will be solid.
  15. Alt had toro 7/13`s for 700-750 and at my lhs i got it for 600....i think the price difference is pretty significant when buying high end glass
  16. The best way in my opinion, is to look at some of the glass. If its cheap, thin glass and you wouldn't pay however much they are charging for the piece, then they are most likely over priced.

    Its difficult though because shops often make deals or throw in extra products. Like today I bought a bubbler and the guy gave me a bottle of 420 cleaner :)
  17. I am serious. Most of the headshops I've been to have sticker prices higher than ALT. I live in Central California. I'm just saying that ALT prices similar to what MSRP would be if bongs all had a specific MSRP. But instead most just price them close to what the manufacturer/blower asked them to price at. Because if they start offering too good of deals they can always cut off that headshop.

    Another thing would be to note that many of us like to brag about the deals we get or haggle down. But not everyone goes in with the intention to haggle at all. And many people definitely don't even have the swagger to haggle anything, they just go straight in and buy at sticker price.

  18. Yo bostonbuds have you been to OPM in Providence? Shit seems way overpriced there... Any recommendations for the greater RI area :) I am will to drive up to beantown if necessary.
  19. IMHO roor is the best method for guaging a LHS, as 90% of headshops have Roor an if they don't they usually have fakes. Since there price is pretty standard it is the easiest. As for toro it's harder for those because many toros will have different worked sections that change the price ex a clear circ/circ is about $600 but a worked section on the top of the second circ will drive the price up by $100-200, sometimes toto won't even send out ones without work.

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