Best way to dechlorinate water?

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  1. What is the best way to dechlorinate tap water that i'll be using to feed and water my plants? I'll be growing in Coco, & using Ironh3ad's method... I read that i can just use a air stone and pump and put it in the water for about 12-24 hours... Is this the best way? And if so, can I go ahead and dechlorinate large amounts of water? Like 5 gallons that id use over the course of a week or so, all at one time, & not have to just dechlorinate the water ill be using each day, every day.... Thank you for any help!

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  2. It will leave on it's own in 24 hours. The air stone speeds it up. I never do it any more as I don't think it matters. At least with my tap water. I hope this helps
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  3. Im pretty sure that by just leaving it out on its own it wont remove the chloramine. It'll only allow the chlorine to evaporate.

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  4. Reverse osmosis will get rid of it. You can buy chemicals to put in the water that bonds with it. Or you can simply leave it in an open container and at room temperature the chlorine will boil off. It takes a long time, but after about 24 hours enough will have vaporised for it to be non harmful to soil bacteria and fungus.

    However, if you're using coco, you aren't using living soil so the chlorine in tap water won't do any harm anyway
  5. What about the chloramines? I'm not so much concerned about the chlorine as i am the chloramines..

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  6. That's out of my expert repertoire unfortunately. I have never done anything about chloramine and have never seen any negative effects. So it's not on my list of priorities at the moment
  7. The top top few millimeters of soil filter it from reaching your root zone. 24 hours works on the chlorine, anything else the plant and soil can handle. Hope u do not live in Flint, lol.

    nothing is too hard for those who do not have to do it for themselves
  8. Chloramine does not evaporate like chlorine does. Removal requires RO system or high quality carbon filters or water conditioners designed to remove chloramine.
  9. I have chloromine in my water and have never had a problem using it in DWC or coco and I use it straight from the tap, for organic I throw a few airstones in a 50l tub of water and let it sit for 24-28 hours.
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  10. Im going to be growing in Coco bro :)

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  11. I keep a 20 gal reservoir, aerated with a basic air pump and a submersible pump for getting the water out.

    Municipal tap water, low ppms but still comes out smelling like a swimming pool, after a couple of hours the smell is gone.


    The pump is plugged into it's own power strip, so it acts as a faucet when I flip the switch. Makes it easy to fill gal jugs.


    Only drawback is having to carry 5 gal buckets of water from the slop sink to the res, not really a big deal though.
  12. Does your faucet by chance have a hose connection on it bro? Or is it even close enough to be able to run a hose for that matter. Was going to say it may be easier to just get one of those dap x-hose's or whatever they are called and fill it up hat way. Lol. I like your setup though. I, however, wont need a 20gal reservoir since ill only be doing two plants at a time for the time being. I'll probably use a 5 gallon bucket and do it the same way you set yours up bro! Thanks for the info! Oh btw, with you air pump, do u use any type of airstone? I already have a small pump and one of those long flat airstones that go in aquariums i could use. That way it'll save me a little cash. :) thanks again!

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  13. Thanks bro, I have a hose connect right next to my grow but it leaks when I use it. I do plumbing/hvac for side money but I don't really care enough to do anything about it. If I was growing hydro I'd have switched it out a long time ago but like I said, not a big deal.

    I use some big heavy airstones that are meant for hydro, they were $5 each at the shop. Before that I used one of those blue airstone strips from walmart but they like to float, so you'll need something to hold it on the bottom. I just used aluminum tape and that held for months.

    Cheers bro :bongin:

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