Best way to dab on an ecig

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  1. A bit hard to understand over the voice over.

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  2. Why do people always have to overcomplicate things? Its so simple just drip your wicks on your rda with 0mg juice and then put 2-3 good dabs right on the coil. The cotton catches it when it melts and it vapes mighty fine

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  3. I'm a stickler for ease of use so I just buy a liquidizing agent, put my concentrate into the liquid, and heat it up. BOOM! you have an easy to use concentrate perfect for RDAs or tank systems. My favorite by far is Cruise Control Liquidizer...Cruise Control | eJmix Liquidizer | Herb Soild Mix Liquid
  4. Dont promote products on GC, silly earthling

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  5. Sorry friend. I'm new to this planet and hope the damage I have already caused can be forgiven?
  6. Too late, im on my way back to earth right now to probe you

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  7. No...Noooo...NOOOOOOO.

    I will also use modified stovetop coils on my mods to take dabs. If you build a conical and horizontal stove top, it creates a little bowl/nail for whatever concentrate you want to use and works just as well. But for tanks, you obviously need some type of liquidizing agent to make it viscous enough to penetrate the coils. (hence the reason I shared my experience with that stuff up there^^^)

    Hopefully that share will deter you from inflicting damage to my fragile human vessel?
  8. I already probed you. I had to erase your memory afterwards of course, but you should feel a sting in your ass.

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  9. Damn, you're good...
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  10. All in a days work

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  11. Like others have said.
    Get a dripper, do a single coil of your choice, get 0 mg juice and dab directly on coils.
    Very easy.
    No need to buy stupid replacement coils, other than wire and cotton, which in itself is cheaper than 1 set of replacement coils/atomizers.
  12. I'm only replying here to play devils advocate so no ill intentions with this reply I swear but....Why do that when you can have a liquidizing agent that makes it possible to vape in anything as it is? I've realized that most people who vape only do it for the ease of use and health benefits compared to combustion. With that in mind, most people I come across in the cannabis vaping community would simply like an easy way to utilize their setups and do as little work as possible.
  13. I just do what I find easiest.
    So far, putting wax directly on a coil is pretty easy?

    If there was a short video explaining the process of introducing cannabis wax into a liquid, I'd be all for it.
    But, I haven't seen any that made very potent liquid.

    I'm open to the idea though.
  14. No argument that putting your wax straight on a coil is easiest. I'm just thinking for those who don't want the hassle of making coils and such. I'm lazy but ill still do it because I enjoy the tinkering but I have many friends who won't even try to save some cash that way.

    The Liquidizer I use is a simple mixture of PG, PEG200, and PEG400. All in an equal 33% ratio I believe. So it's the ultimate vape product. I use one 15ml bottle and put in a full gram of concentrate. It packs a punch for sure but just like any type of vape it seems to creep and is much more clear headed than a lethargic "silly-high" if you will.
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  15. Could you explain how to mix the wax into the liquid?
    I've tried crumble, oil, shatter, live resin, and clears. None of it binds/bonds with the liquid and will clump to the bottom.
    For me, it is like trying to mix oil with water.
  16. CruiseContorlLiquidizer.JPG so that's the suggested directions which I don't follow. Call me crazy but something about microwaves weird me out.

    I either put my concentrate in the bottle and let it stand in hot water (boil it and let it sit for a little bit before steeping the bottle of liquidizer and shatter) or I will put it over an open flame and let it dissolve. I do this a few times with lots of shaking in-between to let it thoroughly mix. It works much better with CO2 extracted material (for both flavor and the liquidizing/bonding process) Also, I don't recommend using Rosin unless you added flavoring because it leave a strange bitter taste in your mouth.

    I never have issues with settling because I use it in a timely manner. However, I'm sure after a good two months or so you'll see some settling.

    The same ingredients used in O.penVape are used in this but this gives you the ability to use your own.
  17. True. If you dabble in stepping chronic in VG or mix concentrates with PG and or VG it's a f.cking mess. The mixed pic with 400 and 200 etc work like a charm dissolving the concentrates like it was alcohol. Anyway good luck vaping all them extra chemicals.

    I think they should sell small 5mm x 6mm ceramic crucibles that molders can wrap the coils around to make an enail using all that current from the 18650 batters. Even a titanium screw head could be beveled to accommodate concentrates for vapourizers

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  18. I like this video too. Is there have more video ?

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