Best way to curate and then store my harvested weed?

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  1. In a few months, my plants will flower and I will harvest them to dry, my problem is that I'm not quite sure how to curate and store them for maximum storage life. What I was thinking was buying an infinity uv jar and several bodeva humidity packs and plop my dried buds in it for a few weeks and then pop open the lid for a few seconds once every week for about a month to burp it. Then to store after curation, I was thinking of putting them back into the same uv jar used to curate them, but add an oxygen absorber along with a bodeva Humidity pack and putting them in a mini freezer. Would this be a bad idea or no?

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  2. you take the entire plant, cut it down, put it into a sealed cardboard box and put it next to your furnace for 6 weeks

    good luck!
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  4. Freezing may be harmful by allowing the delicate trichs to break off.
    A cool dark area with your plan should work for years.
    The drying part may be the trickiest dependent upon your temps and humidity locally.

    There are at least a few good threads in this section;
    Harvesting and Processing Marijuana

    No need to bash the whole city based on one answer.

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    There is more than one way to skin a cat, but I'd recommend something similar to this step-by-step guide. Rumpleforeskin makes things pretty straightforward, and he talks about burping containers.

    Personally, I do something a bit different. I'll dry trim after hang drying for 5-7 days, and then I'll place my flower within a c-vault with Boveda humidipaks. C-vaults are expensive so use what you're comfortable with, but I'd definitely recommend the bovedas. I still burp, even though my containers' humidity is controlled, to let off gases that are evaporating, and I keep a small humidistat, like this one, inside my containers to confirm humidity.

    I'm not sure what you're referring to with an oxygen absorber, but I'd just stick with the bovedas. I also would recommend not putting your flower in the freezer. Cold temps freeze trichomes, making them brittle and apt to fall off/get brushed off your flower. I'd recommend just putting your containers in a dark, cool room, closet, or cupboard. IMO, temp fluctuations aren't really great for anything that you're trying to preserve longer term (eg flower for several months).

    Hope that helps, man! Happy growing :)
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  9. I personally chopped and hung my plants up whole. Besides removing the big fan leaves. They dried for around 10 days. From there I trimmed and stick them in mason jars. The uv blocking ones from Walmart. Burp them morning and night for the first week. And once in the morning going into the second week. The popcorn buds are good enough to smoke now. I smoked a small bowl earlier and got smacked down. Also noticed around the last day or two that the smell is now becoming straight danky and delicious. The first week and a half the smell wasn’t all there. I’ll be keeping them the way they are for 30 days. And after that the same way but with a boveda pack in them.
  10. actually taking your harvest and putting it right into the freezer has been suggested by a number of people as a solution when time is of the essense.

    best way to make the best of a bad situation
  11. dude really...

    you just yesterday asked about how to get big nugs and were given the website link and it was suggested to read it.

    your plants are what? 3 weeks old?

    first things first

    grow the plant
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  12. Out of the 100+ threads I’ve read on drying and curing I have seen one that recommended that.
  13. Drying is the most important part of growing. ....
    You can propper f*** things up in 2 weeks.....and there is nothing more sad then having to smoke tasteless weed after taking care of it for 6 months. just doesn't do
    Plenty of good advice here
    ....don't f*** it up

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