Best way to create 4 main colas?

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  1. How do I top/fim a plant so that it has 4 colas? Can I top the plant once, then top the two growth tips that produces and perhaps LST the resultant growth tips to get them to grow the right direction? I'm looking for a way to get the most yield out of 4 plants in a 4.7' x 4.7' x 6.5' tent.
  2. You can always do the old Uncle Ben's topping technique I did last year. All I did was let the plants grow until the sixth node, then topped them so there were two nodes left (4 growth tips). This way the plant makes 4 colas and you don't lose a lot of time training or slowing the growth with a bunch of stress from training; which equates to more yield for the time and money spent.

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  3. Yeah but on your journal most of the plants didn't get four colas did they? I'm going to go with the modified version of Nugbuckets technique. I'm going to try it on a couple of plants I'm growing from bagseeds currently, and once I get my stuff all ordered, I might get a camera and do a journal.
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  4. I topped twice and than tied them down

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  5. Let it grow to 6 nodes, then cut it off above the second node.....equals 4 main colas. (thanks uncle ben)
  6. The technique was successful on 5 of my six plants, but I decided to get rid of the bottom two on one of them, leaving 4 with (4) mains.....66%. But honestly the ones with two mains yielded just as much.
    Some strains will always favor the uppers, as a few of mine did.

    f84e2b00ffef6611eb4c3f0289b2f538.jpg this has four....grew into this
    Here's another that grew pretty evenly with four

    I wish you a lot of success with the mainline technique. I realize you have different concerns being an indoor grower. Hope that harvest is heavy and evenly distributed for ya!

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