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Best way to convince someone pot is okay

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Pyrokwah, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. I've tried. I've really tried.

    They understand it doesn't kill brain cells, it doesn't cause cancer like tobacco does, it has 0 deaths to it's name, it helps soooo many illnesses. But I just can't convince them. No matter what I do, it still just seems wrong. not unhealthy, but I guess its just been drilled into them so hard that it's so wrong.

    So, Grasscity, I ask you, What is the best way to convince someone that pot is a good thing?
  2. Show them the medical possibilities? Try checking out the medical marijuana section, namely Storm Crow's sticky.
  3. Hemp oil cures cancer, nuff said.
  4. maybe word it positively so it's viewed in a more upbeat manner, rather than discussing what is doesn't do, like it doesn't cause cancer like cigarettes. Instead, I like to start off by saying it increases brain cell growth, there are government studies proving it shrinks cancerous tumors and prevents cancer. And that a lot of what the government says is a strategic move in a big business, and the old negative thought of cannabis should be erased. Check out these links to various studies:

    Top 10 Pot Studies Government Wished it Had Never Funded > New World Order Report

    e.Peak (31/10/2005) news: science: Study shows marijuana increases brain cell growth

    Granny Storm Crow's list-July 2009 - Forums

    Best Documentaries Ever
  5. the only way, to make someone truly see the light, is to light up a joint, i'm sure you know the rest
  6. I wish man, but they wouldn't try. I say this because those I try to convice don't really know I smoke and if they did they'd listen to absolutely nothing that came out of my mouth unless they were okay with the idea first.
  7. those don't sound like people I'd enjoy being around, truth is someone people will be bullheaded their whole lives, it's brainwashing man, started as a youth, some try it eventually and wake up, but some stay asleep forever, unaware of so much
  8. Why are people so determined to make others see their way? Smoking pot is a choice, and you can't suade' people without them doing it themselves. You can only show someone the door, they gotta open it themselves
  9. "You can't tell a man something he already knows" - a quote that pretty much sums it up. If people that I'm pretty sure don't use weed are talking about Prop 19, I just mention taxes and cartels and try to avoid the driving while stoned and kids getting access to it.
  10. Best post yet.

    Its all opinion. Just because you say its the best thing in the world doesnt mean other people think so. Some people are just sick of people trying to convince them of how 'good' weed is. It just sounds like mindless rambling to them. They simply dont care about it.
  11. I know it's a choice, but I know that the people I'm talking too would have a great time on weed. I guess I kinda messed up my first post, I'm trying to lead them to the door, cause I know they're gonna have a hell of a time on the other side.
  12. I guess I misunderstood the meaning of your question. People who don't use weed probably don't appreciate anyone trying to get them to try it anymore than I like people showing up at my front door pushing their religion.

  13. It sounds like they already know it's okay. I just think that they have been drilled the stereotype of mj users, and don't want to be like them, or they might see it as a social no-no.
  14. They probably know themselves better than you know them.

    People that try shoving their religion down everyone's throats use the same logic you're using here. Some people like to think for themselves and make their own choices. ;)

  15. I agree. Unless you're trying to convince someone that you smoking is not harmful. But if you're trying to peer pressure them into smoking, that's what it might feel like to them. Let's face it, "peer pressure" has its exaggerations, especially in the media. Fact is, saying weed is really cool and fun is not much different than saying basketball is cool and fun. Well then again, weed is illegal and "unhealthy" in the very slightest sense. At this point, for me and many weed smokers world wide, there are way more pros than con(s) to smoking weed.
  16. Marijuana
    1. Sex is great
    2. food taste better
    3. Helps you think deeper into your problems
    4. Helps you forget your problems
    5. You can sleep better than a rock
    6. If used properly it can increse you "game" level.
    7. If you have any physical pain its a one hit miracle
    8. If you have any depression or loss of intrest for life it will break it like a ninjah.
    9. Marijuana killed 0 people in the past million years
    9. Muscle spazms will stop
    10. Gives you super eating powers.
    11. You enjoy a lot of things more than usual.
    12. It calms any one with hypertesity
    13. So much more but im not gona continue
  17. so i assume you haven't have you seen this documentary..

    THC specifically Destroys a number different abnormal cancers cells types upon contact, while not only leaving healthy normal cells, but promoting homeostasis system wide.

    there is plenty of Overwhelming proof of this everywhere, it's also one of the basic reasons people who smoke only cannabis do not get lung cancer. in that vid are only doctors, You can even see THC vs. Cancer happen in real time, see who gets owned.

    This plant is going to shape the future of medicine, so it is very important to pass prop 19 to open the door.

    if you're not 'sold', you should learn up- at least for your own sake.
    If i ever get that sick, i know i have a plan.

    Edit: also it is documented that people who smoke only cannabis are at a lower risk of cancer than people who do not smoke at all.
  18. Honestly, the best thing to do in this situation is light up your preferred method of smoking, and fuck what everyone else thinks. It's your life, you can do what you want. Like what xdog said, people are knockin on his door tryin to show him the right way. There's no difference with what your trying to do. So, enjoy your smoke and remember:

    FUCK everyone else

    wtf do they know anyways?

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