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Best way to consume?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WashutheWizard, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. I've heard vaping if the best way to consume the most THC for your buck. If this is true, do lightbulb vapes work? Really don't want to waste my last g.
  2. ya light bulb vape work but thay are a pain in the ass u use snappers in my bong or in my vape
  3. Unless I'm with people I just pack snappers in my bong. Even when I'm with people I usually pack snappers, there like why? My reasoning is that the bowl is always green and it doesn't resin up if you pack a big bowl and take 2-3 hits to clear it. I digress...

    If you want to get really baked for 6-10 hours make edibles. And when I say baked I mean higher then you ever felt.
  4. right i love snapers best for taste imo i want to get a one hitter bowl soon
  5. Gravity Bong, and plus it's SOO easy to make! You get the most out of your weed with it.
  6. Edibles.

    If you are a cooking idiot, make firecrackers.
  7. Vapes are good, but not bulbies. If you've got the money to throw around they are a great investment.

    If not, packing one hitters in a bong, or a small piece is a pretty good way to conserve.

  8. did you seriously just ask this question on the biggest stoner forum on the web?:p

  9. too bad he only has a gram lol

    I suggest having money on hand to buy your stuff

    and taking snaps or 1 hitters works best before vapes in your situation

    don't go for light bulb
    I made one recently for kicks and it either tastes nasty and takes forever to vape, or you accidently burn it and it fills with smoke, which is actually kind of cool but defeats the purpose:p
  10. I had a bulbie as my first smoking device. I used it and loved it, until it exlpoded in my lap.
    Needless to say, exploding glass is NOT worth getting high, even if you're lucky enough to not get hurt.

    I think with the amount you have, onies or one hitters are your best option. Maybe a joint if you want =]
  11. If I could go back in time... I would have never smoked anything aside from vapes.
  12. Vape = best health wise, in my opinion a different high though. But still an AMAZING high
    Joint = probably fastest way. and a very good high (you're typical, hey guys im high..high)
    Bong = most fun. but requires the parts.

    stay away from lightbulb vapes, they're just retarded
  13. Really, Kush? Not hating, just honestly asking.

    I enjoy bongs and bowls, and even the occasional blunt. Vapes are fine and dandy, but I wouldn't want to limit myself like that. :smoke:

  14. Yes sir. I love glass for taste but my lungs got torched from all the smoking I used to do. If I would have been inhaling vapors it would not nearly be as bad.

  15. Oh, that is totally legit.
    How long have you been smoking for?
    I want to get a vape of my own to avoid that very situation.

    I'm a girl, btw. =]
  16. don't smoke. Best way to consume :D

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