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Best way to consume oil

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Imnothigh666, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. I really want to get some oil but all i have is a bong and a spoon. How could I smoke this stuff with the bear essentials? 

  2. Get some ground up bud, lay some down.
    then put some oil on that. Like condiments on a burger.
    Then you sandwhich it with more herb.
    Mmmm... Oil a le carte.... Whatever that means.
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  3. So its gonna be worth it like that? 
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  4. try it, and... Don't torch the bowl. Unless you're a Hummer... Gonna happen anywho.
  5. A hummer? lol. I corner bowls so I hope I am alright? 
  6. You can top a bowl with it but your gonna be better off even with a cheap mini rig

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  7. Heres a better way to ask what I'm wondering. When I go to my dispensary for my weekly run, should I get wax or bud like I have done all my life? Its either one or the other. I feel like I should get wax and just use it on my current stash. 
  8. Pack a snap burger. One you can take in a hit.
    Im high as fuck of hash burger snaps.
  9. gosh your slang deceits me. 
  10. yeah i have no clue what he is saying... sounds like names of food to me....
  11. Its cool I'm just probably gonna throw it in my pee pod with a packstack. 
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  12. Hahahaha. One layer of bud like a bun, the second is the greasy meatu oil, then another bun. And kief is sesemae seeds
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  13. If you want to dab without a rig or torch cherry a big bowl and start dab the oil into the cherry
  14. Steel knife, blowtorch, and half a soda bottle worked great for me. Safety pin as a dabber
  15. buy a dome and nail attachment for your bong, or even better a domeless nail. smoking it on top of bud will get you noticeably higher, but you won't realize how much of a waste it is until you smoke dabs off  a nail.

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