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Best Way To Conserve Weed With No Vaporizor?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ismoketoomuch1, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. title says it all, name all of your methods since i only have a gram and wanna make it last as long as possible! i have basically no tolerance any more

  2. when im down to my last gram i save it until i can get more weed
  3. Best way to conserve weed is by not smoking it.
    smoke less at a time and less frequently
    like instead of 4 hits take 2, and instead of smoking 3 days a week smoke once
  5. dont smoke often.
  6. Use a small metal or glass pipe. Metal has the added bonus of being able to get resin.
  7. Take longer intervals between hits.  I find that that if I just wait a minute or two after my last hit, the effects will start to kick in and I won't need as much for the duration of the session.  Most people have a "critical mass" amount of herb that's necessary to get high.  For some it's one hit, while for others it's 5 hits.  Most people land somewhere in the middle.  Smoking beyond that critical mass usually doesn't result in any added benefit.  The longer intervals will help you identify what that number is.
  8. When you take a small-medium hit after inhaling,exhale quarter of the way and inhale again, repeat until all the smoke is blown out.
    You will absorb a good portion of the THC that you would have blown out after only one inhale.  Every inhale will open up the alveolis so you're not just taking tar but also THC because you only take like what 10-20% of the THC per inhale in the smoke?
    Trust me it works.  One hit will feel like you just took 2-3 :)
  9. you can get resin from glass pipes.
  10. Always use a coin/bearing in your grinder so that when you do run out of bud, you'll have mad kief.
  11. I mix my hits with tobacco and dry rip a bong. Kinda hard to clear with the tobacco, but always gets me pretty stoned when i'm running low
  12. Get yourself a dugout and a bat. You'll be surprised at how much weed it dont take to get the job done.
    I love mine!
  13. IDK mix it with another drug maybe? I think you will find that smoking less will make a little go a long way. BTW, anyone know how marijuanaMan gets his shit? He has like 10 pounds of every thing!
  14. One hitter ftw
  15. Make firecrackers and have an amazing day!
  16. Yes, but it is infinitely more easier to clean a metal pipe
  17. Make REAL edibles, and have an amazing couple of days with the same amount of weed :poke: :smoking:
  18. use a grav. its bassically like a beastly one hitter. if you milk it right it gets you really high with a minimal amount of weed. the only downside is that its an incredibly harsh hit.

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