Best Way to clean your system?

Discussion in 'General' started by runnerman4, Dec 6, 2002.

  1. What is the best way to clean your system for a piss test? I have heard of drinking a lot of cranberry juice being the best method, just wondering what anyone here knows
  2. how long you got. if you got a month go to the vitamin store and get some detox tea and drink four to six cups a day. get some echinacea and goldenseal root and take 700 mg of each four times a day. it'll make you shit your brains out so drink lot of water and take 2000 mg of vitamin c a day to stay healthy. the day before the test drink a quart of white vinegar. mix it with water if you want but get the whole quart down. it is the best way to throw of the tests ph levals. if you only got a week get some powdered urine from and if you only got an hour get some of that stuff that throws your levals off for only a couple hours. that is the best adive i can give.
  3. Best way no hand down. Quit smoking for 2weeks+
  4. And while you've quit, do lots of running.

    Aerobic excercise clears your blood.
  5. Drink craneberry juice and water. Doing aerobic excercises help's burn the fat in which the THC is stored as well.
  6. lol. ok yeah, clean tha system...

    im laughing cause im completely drunk and had to actually said NO tonight...

    it depends how long/what kinds test...

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