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Best way to clean percs?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by TheSingingStoner, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. I know the entire bong is dirty, but it's really caked on the percs. Is there a better way to clean them than filling the entire thing with alcohol? Because that's really wasteful.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. The best way I think is salt an 90% iprysol alcohol but people say it scratches the inside of the glass. I never seen it with cheap glass only way that cleans it for me key is to shake the shit out of it. I think it would flow though all those percs
  3. iso and salt but you can shake in certain ways to direct the mixture over the patch of gunk you want cleaned. it helps if you have a way to close the ends of the bong with something water tight. then you can take the shaking to the next level and control where the mixture goes in the glass by tilting the bong
  4. No matter how dirty the alcohol gets you can keep using it until it's black so just pour it back into it's container. I like using bio ethanol for mini ethanol fireplaces and burners as it's scented and denatured it's much cheaper than regular alcohol.

    Percs like those are a real pain to clean if you've let the gunk inside them pile up over weeks or months. It's best to give your bong a quick rinse with alcohol after each sesh, sounds like a pain but it's way better than shaking it for 2 hrs because it piled up too much.
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  5. Bongs give you your moneys worth too right? Cause you get that maximum hit it fucks your world up. I love to stop smoking for months, than take a hit of some gud gud through a bong. An cough a fucking lot .but hate cleaning it but well worth it i cleaned mine every week
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  6. And if you want it to work even faster..while the ISO and salt are in the bong (the holes sealed up)..hold it under hot running water, shake, and you won't believe the difference..I have a few mini Sherlocks (clear glass) that become amber from smoking hash..the heating of the ISO cleans them very well. (some would reclaim the resin, but I make new bubble once per month and don't mess with reclaim)
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  7. It's one of the reasons i got my RooR with a pre cooler. In the beginning i never liked their old fashioned straight tube bongs because i thought that for the same cash you can buy a much more complex bong. But those are just more shitty to clean and my straight tube is super easy :) And that's very brave to take a huge hit after a long t-break! If i take a one month break i just start with my vape first before going to my bongs again :p
    I have an old Grace Glass double perc bong that was my first daily driver for years, but it left it standing around whilst dirty for too long and the percs would not get clean even with salt and ISO and lot's of shaking... So i built a device from an old massage chair motor and made a small "cage" for my bong with some wire rod, nuts, bolts, washers and attached it to the slow moving motor so it would spin the entire bong around it's axis. I let it do that for 12hrs with salt and ISO and it looked as clean as the day i got it :D I have a video of it working somewhere on my pc...
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  8. I fucking love feeling like im choking to death
  9. I had a perc I was going to trash, it had buildup that I could not remove.

    Someone said vinegar works and it sure does!

    I had to empty and refill a few times and I let it sit for a week.

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  10. sick
  11. i use formula 420 for all of my pieces. It's crazy strong. makes every piece (over 20 pieces) i own crystal clear.With just a couple of minutes of shaking. Its a bit pricey but worth it imo. Def if you dont want to clean every sesh. I clean about once every other week.
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    Nice bong, I just got the single tree perc version lol.

    What you gotta do is go to Amazon and find the lowest shipped price for 4lbs of Alconox. Its a laboratory glass and metal cleaner that is gentle but extremely effective and will make your glass clean as new. Cleaner than anything else can clean and one box can last you hundreds and humdreds of cleanings. One box is about $30
  13. if alchol and salt do not work, try breaking the bong, cleaning the perc by hand, and then gluing it back together
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  14. Use some 100/ iso aka pure nail polish with table salt. And shake the hell outta it. It has never failed me
  15. Yeah. I named mine Puff and it's an absolute beast! You need to try it iced! I'll look it up?

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  16. Please tell me you're kidding

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  17. heat unit and if you can pack a few feet of high tensile wire(i use the E string off a guitar but you may need something longer)into the perc then rotate wire all the build up should fall out easily when you draw the string out...
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    Sorry I might be slightly medicated but have you tried the ISO method that most people here has mentioned? ISO works magic for most things and even if it might not get your piece crystal clear with just ISO, you will def get it usable.

    Sorry if I missed if you tried ISO or not, tried looking but from what I saw you hadn't responded to the ISO suggestion. ISO-alcohol is very cheap and reusable, when bong gets dirty again just use same ISO. Do not use 25 year Macallan :D

    Best of luck to you

    There are situations where it is very hard with hot ISO soaks and salt shakes, example is the cleaning situation I am in now: Help cleaning my incycler

    After I posted those I've pretty much made a 24h hot ISO soak and around 2 hour constant salt shake. They are still there... they are smaller how ever... but still there :/
  19. very effective :thumbsup:

    op, salt and 99% iso alcohol or i used to use this solution called klear kryptonite, worked just as well, good luck

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