Best way to clean a Dub Bub

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  1. So a while ago i purchased this double bubbler, used it for a while, then passed it on to a buddy. While at his place one day, i asked if it was still around and he said "yea, but its far to dirty to smoke out of". he asked if i would take and clean it for him, i said sure.

    before i continue, let me show you guys what im talkin about.


    its a true beast. rips clean, smokes smooth and hits hard as shit if underestimated. naturally, that first chamber is dirty as shit, the second isnt so bad, but its still an eyesore to see it so unclean. ive boiled it once already (may have scorched it a bit) and its currently soaking with some rubbing alcohol in it. after the soak, i intend to scrape at the insides with whatever will reach and hope for the best.

    other than that, what do you blades recommend to get this bitch lookin like new. any help is mucho appreciado (not a word).
  2. Try adding a little bit of rice with the rubbing alcohol, shake well and then rinse it with water a few times. Works like a charm :D
  3. throw it in a zip with iso and salt and shake. Rinse and repeat until clean to your desire.
  4. ^this...thats a nice bubbler i'm hopin to get a dub bub soon
  5. soak overnight in simple green and rinse in warm will be like new
    ...that shits too caked on for just a simple iso/salt shake

  6. I second this, just recently cleaned out my dub bub with simple green, and it got everything off...even the gunk inside the percs!
  7. I use rubbing alcohol and salt, but only when I'm out of 420 Glass Cleaner, you can't beat that stuff, ever.

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