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Best Way To Bring Seeds With You From Another Continent And How To Ask For Seeds?

Discussion in 'General' started by DurbanPoisonQueen, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. A friend of mine is going back to South Africa where we're from for a holiday and wants to bring back some seeds of Durban Poison, one of the best pure sativa's in the world. It will blow these peoples minds (New Zealand) since there is only indica's here. But we don't know what we're looking for, we know we must ask for female seeds, but how do we tell if they're male or female?
    In South Africa it's pretty easy finding weed, literally just ask any car guard. Also very cheap. Only issue is it's very dangerous in South Africa. They could run off with the money (Which isn't really a big deal since the exchange rate is excellent in our favour) but they could also stab him or something when he asks for seeds, thinking he is gonna try become competition. He will say he is not living in South Africa, bringing it over to New Zealand, but can't know if they will believe him or not. So what should he say?
    And then how best to bring it here? He always gets stopped and searched. Sucks. But we really want to do this. 

  2. You cant tell. But you can buy feminised seeds. I still don't understand it fully myself lol

    I only buy fem seeds when i fancy a change of strain, other than that clones is the way to go.

    Im guessing the sale of seeds is illegal in SA then. ?

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  3. Man,I've heard nz customs is ridiculous at the would probably just be easier to order seeds online..
  4. Yeah it's illegal in SA, though the police don't really give a fuck. 
    Yeah NZ and Australian customs are hardcore. I once tried getting seeds sent here from a grower in South Africa, they never arrived, and I am not buying from a seed bank because they're not real Durban Poison seeds. I want the real shit from the source, not million generation later shit stuff from Europe or America. All the American's reviewing Durban Poison are not reviewing real Durban Poison, the descriptions are nothing like from the stuff I smoked in Durban. 
  5. When you have the seeds you could probably easily hide them in a bag of different size and shaped beads and shit like that, make it look like it's just a necklace making kit that you got as a souvenir. No idea how to go about getting the seeds out there though..
  6. And with knowing if it's male or female, there's no way to know until you grow them. "Feminized" seeds come from genetically messing with plants to make a female produce male parts to make feminized seeds with a female Plant.
  7. Ok that makes it easier then, there always are a few seeds any way so he'lljust buy weed as normal and  just collect and keep them rather than throw them out. Weird though, in NZ I've hardly ever had seeds with my weed in comparison. 
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    In South Africa it grows wildly so there will be some males and hermaphrodite plants in the fields with the females that will pollinate them, where as stuff you're getting in nz is probably actually properly cultivated and cared for by someone in smaller batches rather than fields of it.
  9. I really don't understand why you don't just order them? Just cause its from somewhere remotely close to Durban, doesn't make it legit.

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