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Best way to approach my dad?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jakkyvengeane, May 20, 2010.

  1. #1 Jakkyvengeane, May 20, 2010
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    Yesterday, the last of my stash disappeared, it was just about half and 8th, so I'm not really that mad about it. The only problem is that i'm 99% sure it was my dad who found and took it. I've been smoking since last Christmas and he never found out. He hasn't mentioned anything to me yet, but I assume that he's waiting to either catch me off guard or he's thinking of a way to approach me.

    I think that I should approach him first to sort of catch him off guard and use that to my advantage. I plan on showing him The Union and bringing up a lot of studies that disprove negative beliefs about marijuana.

    My only problem is I don't know how I should start out when I approach him.

    Background on my dad: I know that he did a lot of drugs when he was younger, including a lot of marijuana and I know for a fact that he did LSD. Now he is clean (I think) and is a pretty successful financial advisor/stock broker. He's never really told me not to marijuana but he hasn't condoned it either.

    tl;dr I was stupid and didn't stash it well enough, dad found and took it but hasn't said anything to me yet. How do I approach him?
  2. Just go up and tell him you smoke and its not a big deal, try not to seem like a fanatic about it and its all chill. once you have a long convo with him tell him your high and it doesn't mess you up really bad like most everything else does.
  3. Well you can either approach it cautiously or you can go straight in and be honest with him. My best bet would be straight up with him, tell him all its positive effects and how it helps you, and if need be tell him that he should have talked to you before invaded your privacy and stole your goods.
  4. lol if you just lost it when you were high and going to show your dad the union..

    something to think about ;)
  5. I thought about if I had misplaced it too, but then I remembered that I saw it when i got home that day and when I was about to toke before bed it was gone.

    Even if he doesn't have it, I plan on telling him just to get a weight of my shoulders. Also, I have some eating problems that my dad spent thousands of dollars on doctors trying to fix them that never even worked out, but just a little toking solves all of that too, so I think I'll definitely bring that up.

    Best case scenario: my dad is completely cool with it and lets me smoke in the house and possibly smokes with me or supplies me some dank stuff :D
  6. The best time to talk to your dad is either:
    1. At the Dinnertable with only you and your dad
    2. In the car alone with your dad

    Any other time is BAD!

    Trust me, when you two are in an awkward situation, just say "Hey dad, there is no easy way to say this but I'll just say it, I smoke weed." Well I don't smoke daily and I don't plan to. However, although it is against the law, it is not harmful. Although there are many facts that I can throw at you as backup to that fact, I believe you are very understanding and .... yeah ... just NEVER EVER SAY "WHERE'S MY WEED AT?!!?!?!?!"
  7. Man your eating disability is deffienetly a good point to bring up. If you compare the prices of the thousands of dollars that it cost before, to how much your weed costs, he might buy it.

  8. It's all in your personality to be honest. I use a lot of humor, smiles, and i take anything he says as Not being serious. It always works. They always conform to me. I'm not sure if its just me, but its like that with everyone i come in contact with.

    Not to mention you're gonna have to have those facts crammed into your head so you can be ready to debate whenever a debate is being formed. Especially with parents.

    Always smile. Act like it doesnt matter cause you know it doesnt. I was scared a little when my dad bursted in my room midway through a bong rip with it all smelling. He even found the grinder with weed still in it.

    I looked at him like man i aint smokin in here.... But that shit smells bomb huh???

    He walked out.

    But yeah. It's all in your personality. If you go walkin up like some scared ass he'll take advantage.
  9. Start a conversation with him. If you're feeling ballsy ask him if he wants to smoke a j with you.
  10. Thanks for good advice, guys. I may start a threat later tonight and let everyone know how it goes, give you the ol' play-by-play. Wish me luck.

  11. Sorry my friend, no j's for me haha, I'm a very cost efficient smoker, it's either bong rips or grav bong rips for this guy :D
  12. clean of what ?

    and he proly found it,thought it was his that he put there when he was high and smoked it.

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