Best way of staking a large plant

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  1. Hypothetically, if they were too big to put a cage around, what is the best way to stake them up?

  2. Make a really big cage haha
  3. Can anyone elaborate on this?
  4. 8 ft bamboo poles, plastic trellis and zipties. Here is my biggest you can see the trellis andpoles works great. IMG_20130723_160548.jpg
  5. This is how mine are set up. Pic from back in the middle of June.

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  6. Thanks, I was using concrete reinforcement mesh. This should be considerably cheaper since I need more this year.
  7. Where do you recommend getting plastic trellises?
  8. You can get at grow stores or OSH, heck even online. Mine are rope like and I wrapped a few girls that where not caged with it. It keeps the plant together as one unit.
  9. I bought some hortanova netting off amazon. I use large T post also instead but the bamboo looked good also.

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