best way of protecting an outdoor grow from animals?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by yinyang, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. i have quite a few babies out there without any protection whatsoever. im starting to worry about them and i think ill go check them out and set something up for animals.
    but what can i do to keep them away?
    did anyone ever grow anything without precautions and still suceeded?
  2. Can´t help a lot, don´t get many animals on my roof. Apart from next door´s cat.
  3. You're growing on a roof?
  4. Yes, like many Spanish houses mine has a roof terrace.

    This is my place
  5. , hair and piss for deer and animals....and buy some slug killer if u have those problems, there relentless. worst problem i have without a doubt is slugs!
  6. R slugs what leave that funny looking trace of shit on the leaves that turns them brown, it looks like a trace that could be left by a slug? JOE>
  7. Slugs do leave a slimy trail. Don´t know if it turns leaves brown, though.
  8. Just wandering I have been growing now for a little over a month and have some of these trails on my lower leaves, no biggie though they r not hurting anything, I was just wandering. JOE>
  9. no not from slugs, slugs only eat leaves and leave a slime trail, that brown is normal, that what i have on my plants too, just environmental factors that make them die, lack of sunlight, pests, and just slow growth.
  10. Sweet I thought they were feasting on my precious. HAHA i love it they look so nice, can't wait until I get some buds to gaze at :D . JOE>
  11. Couple of months yet. But worth waiting for.
  12. snails leave similar traisl to slugs, and they like to eat plants too.
  13. dump salt 5 -10 ft away from your plants with a big line of salt. snails hate salt! amke sure u dun have any leaves near by and always remove old leaves from the groud

    For animals:
    i suggest buying some very throny roses and make a garden around them, herres the trick, put fencing wire behind it (hids the fence and protects) it will make it harder for big animals tog et to ur plants.

    i put barbed wire on my ladys so if a human trys to pick it, they get lil suprise

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