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Best way not to get caught?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alexdimpete, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. I've been looking for a fool proof way not to get caught by your parents. I'm 18, but i do not have a liscence. Smoking in the house is out of the question. My mom is extremely sneaky and knows when something is up. Any help? she has caught me before.
  2. or anyone get a drowsy stage after being high?
  3. Also, I'll have the house to myself for 24 hours next friday should i burn or would i be setting myself into a trap
  4. All of your posts are in one thread, impressive.

  5. you would be a fool for not taking advantage of this. burn in your garage
  6. Damn sneaky parents who TRY to catch you. That sucks man.
    Invest in one of those toilet paper rolls & dryer sheets. Use anything thats quick disposable.
  7. just smoke outside.. simple
  8. ride a bike somewhere, go for a walk, hop on a skateboard you don't need a license to get out of the house, also go to walmart and get an airtight glass jar and keep your stuff in the woods so your folks don't find it
  9. Get a 3/8" I.d. 5 foot long hose from your local hardware store,leave a couple inches of it sticking out the window,close the window almost all the way but don't pinch it.its a more extravagant way of blowing smoke out of the window.if you make sure that all the smoke leaves through the hose and wear eyedrops you'll never get caught.
  10. Abstinence?
  11. Full Proof; Cover the bottom of your door with a damp towel, spray a LITTLE febreeze around the door, open your window and setup a fan blowing air out the window, make a simple sploof (water bottle or toilet tissue roll, fill with dryer sheets and rubberband one dryer sheet around the outside where you blow out), get some hand sanitizer, eyedrops, chap stick and cologne or body spray.

    Put it all together; Pack a half bowl, light it and take a rip, continue to pull but cover the bowl with your hand and pump the carb a bit (just don't let smoke exit the top of the bowl) if some does just spray a little febreeze, blow your weed through your sploof in the direction of the window. Once you're done with your sesh rub on some hand sanitizer, drop the drops, chap stick, and spray a Tiny bit of cologne or body spray and your good. Be chill that's what gives away most people.
  12. Not wanting to get caught by your parents? I say move out! That's the most effective way at least.
    Otherwise, do it somewhere else; outside is best so you don't smell when you come home. Too inconvenient (or too lazy :p) to always leave your home for a toke? Well, if you have a private-ish back yard than smoke out there after they go to bed or something, if you're paranoid about smell then use a spoof. As long as you don't act like a total idiot when you're high I'm sure you'll be fine :)
  13. Smoke outside? lol and then maybe use a cigarette to cover up the smell and whatnot on your body. If they going to be around soon.
  14. Don't?

    Or just tell them you do it.
  15. Smoke inside and if the bitch catches you again, slap her in the fucking face. And when the cops come, you fucking shoot them and you tell them you dont fuck around when it comes to smoking in the house. And then your mom will let you. Trust me, it worked for my boy.
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  16. never thought of the hose thing, then again I have no problems with smell...good thought tho!

  17. Wtf is wrong with you?

  18. Do not do this if you are trying to be secretive, the smell will linger longer than 24 hours. Just smoke in your backyard...

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