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Best Wax/Oil in a Seattle collective?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Snapthatbowl, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. So I get my wax from my regular dispense in Seattle, and it is bomb. Gets me very medicated, and is very relieving, all their strains.

    But I want to venture out to the community and see what other collectives people recommend for oil/wax.

    I would use weedmaps, but its super biased. So I ask you my fellow blades!

  2. Greenworks Northwest has a big concentrates selection.

    I'm curious to try the new Co2 blown Gold Flake wax they sell at Conscious Care Cooperative in Lake City. Fweedom Collective in Ballard is also supposed to have some Blue Dream Co2 blown stuff. Although, I have read mixed reviews of Co2 blown products.....don't know why/how it could be bad, but time will tell.

    So, where do you usually like to go? I've been trying to get local people to list their favorite strains and the dispensaries where to find them for awhile now....very few have responded.

    As soon as my dome arrives from DWB, I'm going to try it out.

  3. how is weedmaps biased? all ive ever seen were prices on weedmaps.
  4. ^^^^^^ I guess I should have clarified, I meant to say weedmaps reviews are for the most part biased, so I usually dont trust them. Dont get me wrong I love weedmaps i use it all the time to look up prices/selection.

    Thanks Ill check out greenworks!

    I usually go to Urban Roots, all their strains are 10/g. And they are all FIRE!

    I just wanna expand my horizon.
  5. Well, if you're in the U-District, then try The Joint, TODAY, because they have Dutch Hawaiian (a really nice cut of it) on sale for their Top Shelf Tuesday for 10 a gram.

    I haven't joined Urban Roots, but I joined Nebula....and IT SUCKS!!! I went there once and that was enough. Anything particularly fire at Urban Roots I should know about? I might have to join.

    Another place that has really sticky weed is Puget Sound health Alternatives. It's kind of a connoisseur place for Sativas -not cheap, but really, really sticky buds. I don't even think a grinder would work on it!
  6. Eh I've been to the joint and I don't like their meds at all. Their bho gave me headaches, it was not properly purged.

    Urban roots is the beat dispense I've been too. Very personable and knowledgable. They always try to have 20 strains all are dank, they also have a ton of shatter, and some wax and oil. They're super low-key which I like.

    I just wanna try some other dispensaries concentrates haha.
  7. Yeah I also have been to puget sound health alternatives. They had some grape ape full melt that was incredible. Although I wasn't impressed with their buds they had a nice hash/concentrate selection.
  8. Yeah, I don't like The Joint that much...but I DO love that Dutch Hawaiian. I still have a bunch of it in stash.

    I'm surprised that you weren't impressed with the buds at PSHA. They have the Malawi and the Colombian Sativa strains that I love. But, man! If you're saying the buds at Urban Roots are better than PSHA, then I better join up right away. Any recommendations for buds?
  9. I mean the joint has a nice location and facility, but apart from that, eh.

    But yeah try urban roots for prime buds. Their hippie chicken is nice, og kush, pretty much anything haha.

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