Best Waterpipe for about $100?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by MutantCrabAnt, Oct 4, 2010.

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    I could use something relatively portable so i can place the thing (in a padded case of course) in my backpack but aside from that i want to know the bets things to get for that price range.
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    $50 10" HVY
  3. NVM that, just let me know what brands/kinds of bongs you think are great
  4. SYN 12" 5x45mm straight tube for ~$110.
  5. that looks....beautiful :eek:

    Where can i get that?

  6. you are just the bong master aren't ya?

    its an ALT bong.
    Learned from the quoter haha ^^

  7. you're speaking greek to me, is ALT a brand? I thought she said the brand was HVY i'm so confused. Can someone link me to something?

  8. i mean its from aqua lab tech haha.
    by HVY
  9. Yes i just found it, this brand seems very economical and has some very scientific looking pieces.

    So HVY and SYN are good brands?
  10. Syn has some good bongs for cheap on alt.
    SYN & HVY are good brands there no SG or Toro but they are good brands.
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    I'm looking for best bang for my 50-100 dolalrs.

    I have my eye on this right here, but it doesnt seem to have a percolator and the downstem doesnt seem to have a diffuser, is that even necessary?
  12. SYN artwork on SG
  13. Correct, it isn't percolated nor is the downstem diffused. I wouldn't say that a diffused downstem is necessary, however, it's certainly preferable. You can easily upgrade the downstem to a diffused unit.
  14. Does a percolator make a big difference? I'm startin to think i should go for the Molino Mad Scientist v2.0 since it has a perc and a diffused stem.

    Molino Mad Scientist V2 - English -
  15. I'd go for good glass over a perc.

    you can always get an ashcatcher later too. If your budget is $50-100, the HVY bong you posted'll leave you with $45 on your budget, spend that on a decent ash catcher, or on a nice diffused downstem (or both!).
  16. I think percolation mostly boils down to personal preference--some people swear by them and others don't. For me personally, lack of percolation isn't really a big deal.

    In regards to the Mad Scientist, I've heard nothing but poor reviews. For the same price ($85), you could by the HVY ($55) a diffused downstem (~$30) and have a quality piece.
  17. OMG yeah dude!! Percolation...even the most basic forced/gravity percolation is going to increase the smokes volume per square inch!:wave:
  18. That doesn't make any sense at all.
  19. Yeah the glass on the HVY looks so gorgeous. Not only that it has ice pinches so i might not even need the perc with a little ice in there.

    What type of diffuser would you recommend for HVY mini beaker.
  20. for $100?

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