Best water pipe for under 300

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  1. I just broke my 20 inch MGW staight tube the other day and the next day came into a sweet 250 dollars. I have scoured the near by head shops, Frolic, Artifax, Wonderland, and various Philly shops and could not really decided on anything. Any suggestion is welcomed I know there is a lot of posts similar to this and restrictions about linking to other sites but I am really unable to settle on what to buy.
  2. Would it kill you to smoke from a $100 bong?

    I used to buy brand name, now I know that a $45 bong works just as well, without $255 sticker.
  3. the guy didnt ask for fucking life advice. its cool youve clearly got it all figured out though.

    to op: theres too much bariety to say a "best" its all about preference my man.
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    I was looking on *** at a vertigo glass stemline for 230 and a migrant glass triple disc for 270. Anyone have any experience with either of these by chance? There maybe a chance I am overthinking this.

    Too be honest I am looking for a sovereignty or stone glass works tube but I cannot find anywhere online to get one
  5. for what you want to spend i doubt youll find anything from them, there is no best bong just go to your lhs really high and pick out whichever bong sings to you, thats what i did :smoke:
  6. There are a couple Sheldon Black tubes on ioffer...
  7. [quote name='"Lordofswine"']

    Too be honest I am looking for a sovereignty or stone glass works tube but I cannot find anywhere online to get one[/quote]

    SG and SGW are 300-330. So if you want to spend a little extra go for it.
    Also SG sell out fast.
  8. Hey just ended up copping one on Io**** for like 225. Here is a picture comes with a bunch of stuff too. [​IMG]
    Not a bad pick-up in my opinion, not huge fan of carbon filters (excited to try one again though) or PURE glass, but this price was too nice with the headford included to pass up. Ill post more when it arrives
  9. SYN tall showerhead. Can usually find them for $250-$260.
  10. creep records has a lot of tubes under 300 i just bought a tube from them a couple of months ago.
  11. 300 bucks can get you an SGW waffle from rx industries

  12. I checked that out they are not in stock right now actually.
  13. BW inline, EFS double gridded donut, Syn showercap, some SGW tubes are good as well.
  14. Those vertigo tiny inline to showerheads are wicked good price...if you wanna soak your weed in your bowl everytime lol. How did he not make those stems longer?
  15. I just bought a Vertigo Stemline from *******s and it will be here tomorrow (friday dec 2nd). i can let you know exactly how it pullls n everything. But i already know its going to be the shit. Stemlines are boss in my opinion. I'm just obsessed with their bubble stacking ability. But yea ill let you know tomorrow how it is man.

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