Best Wake&Bake in Awhile

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by theVirtuoso, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Woke up a little before noon, dissolved a 1mg Klonopin under my tongue while I grabbed my blunt outta the mason jar I had it in and as soon as the kpin dissolved I lit that bitch up and puffed to my fingers burned, then I puffed a little bit more.

    I'm chillin to some Sublime right now, keep the peace, blades :smoking:
  2. what does a 1mg Klonopin do?
  3. simply put... chill :cool:

    It'll relax all my tense muscles; makes the high more enjoyable.
  4. klonopins early in the mornin' you aint playin' are you Virt. :smoking:
  5. I remember the morning after a bomb sesh, I went to wake n' bake and realized, in my highness, i had loaded another bowl and forgotten it. It sucked to smoke tho cause it was sitting there all night.
  6. hell ya this morning i woke up to my roomate holding a 3 gram joint. we smoked that till i burned my fingers pretty bad. packed taht roach into our bong and hit it like no other
  7. Damn, some Klonopins in the morning, haha. I just got done smoking a bowl of some fire in the shower. High five to good wake and bakes!
  8. first day this week I havn't woke and toked:( and I gotta work all next week..crap:(
  9. Haha I didn't know kpins in the mornin' was somethin. I take em when I wake up at least every other day, I just had a reason this time :smoking:

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