Best wake and wake.. llamas!!

Discussion in 'General' started by JollyRoger227, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. I was driving down the road and smoking my joint that I just rolled of some nice herb and I was taking a corner and BAM! A llama! So of course, me being me I parked the car in the middle of the road and I went out and I got to pet it! The owner of them came over with another one too, they were so cool and their fur feels pretty soft :D I've never seen a llama walking down the road before, and I've seen horses walking down the road, horse drawn carriages and shit, but never a llama.

    Needless to say I went about my way and finished smoking my jay but that shit was sweet :p

    And I felt compelled to share that with all of you. Do any of you guys have llama farms near your towns?
  2. HAHA


    God that movie was retarded but I saw it so many times...:smoking:
  3. I'm pretty sure I would have done the exact same thing. Was it friendly? If I had a huge back yard I bet a llama would make a pretty chill pet.
  4. They were pretty friendly, I guess they really don't like being petted on the top of the head, which the lady told me, and of course I went and petted its head first, but it didn't mind. They like to have their neck or shoulders petted, and I was told they might kick if they get angry, but the llamas must have known I was stoned, and chill because I was gunna leave and the white one walked right back up to me and wanted to be pet some more :)

    They're having an open farm event at the end of the month I may just bring my little cousins down so they can meet the llamas :D

    And the best part, they don't spit like camels and stuff, and that was the first thing I asked because camel spit is fucking nasty.
  5. sounds like a perfect... ingrediant for a '' back-yard. '' b.b.q. :cool:
  6. ct has tons of llamas...i used to drive past two every morning...once i almost hit one...came out, and he was like off-tan, and had a name tag on it...willy...i petted him, led him over to wear the other llamas were with some hash brown bites i was munchin on...

    down here in southern ct there EVERYWHERE...
  7. Northwestern Colorado is completely saturated with Llamas. We have a few farms here and there where I am, but they're mostly up north.
  8. I used to live in maine, an there where some.... there pretty cool. There are none where I live now, but there is a deer, a small doe, that eats out of my hand, I know lots of other people feed it an i showed my family today, but I'ma try and get it friendly it doesnt start around me, an I can pet it an stuff. Then I'm gunna feed it some brick weed, and see how it likes it.....
  9. i live down in rural south jersey, my parent's neighbors have horses and llamas, it's awesome.
  10. luckly it didnt spit in your face....


    I was like 8, and me and a buddy( we lived in Montana next to a llamma farm) where fucking with those things. and BAM spit in my face, I remeber running screaming and puking.
  11. Yeah.. Llamas do spit
  12. Well they didn't spit on me :D

    And yea Fishin' there are a couple random farms in southern CT, and there is another llama farm in Essex, this one was in Ivoryton right near the tri-town but no one else ever walks their llamas from the other farms :p
  13. Kickass story Jolly, yea def be careful about lama spit, I have an embarrasing pic of me when I was like 3 with a stupid poofy ponytail thing and Im riding on top fo the Llama, they can be mean *ckers if you piss them off, but yes their fur is soo soft, its good you got pet some friendly ones.
  14. Dude my friend owns 2 llamas.

    I dont know why either
  15. The only animal I've ever ridden besides a pony was an elephant and a local fair that comes around that was badass! The only part that sucked was there was like 4 people on the elephant in front of us and that elephant decided to take a shit, omg I thought the people were gunna fall off, I was like IDK 7 maybe when I went? But it was still awesome!

    The people had a whole shit load of llamas, there must be at least 15, and one just had a baby they said! :)

    llama llama :D

    Here's a funny llama song, I've posted it before but I've been singing it all day. For some reason seeing those llamas made my day, I'm such a dork lol</pre><tt>


  16. hahaha wtf, "you know what this barbeque needs? a llama"

  18. ahahahahahahaha, i literally cracked up out loud picturing two people chillin at a barbeque.."man this is going really well" "nahhhh man, you know, this barbeque needs llamas!"
  19. im sure they are low in cholestaerol,,,, so it's all good for those with clogged arteries,,, dig ? [​IMG] :cool:

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