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Best Video Games for Wii/Gamecube when toking.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Candildo, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Just curious what people thought about this. I have a wii which plays both wii and gc games. I dont rly play video games wen stoned but would like to give it a try. What would you recommend for this system?

    No xbox or playstation games please though I don't have any of those.

  2. Mario Cart man. I enjoy regular ass Wii bowling too.

  3. Yeah mariokart is the shit!
    Resident evil 4 is nuts stoned too
  4. Harvest Moon is dope as shit, I can only imagine it is even better stoned.
  5. I usually go with any Mario game besides sunshine, I also play tatsunoko vs capcom. But my stoned. Games are anything that you can just pick up and play that's easy to get into
  6. For me Eternal Darkness for gamecube. Super Mario Galaxy Wii.
  7. zelda windwaker

    shit is a fucking adventure

  8. THIS is what I came on here to say! I fucking love this game.
  9. Super Smash Bros.
  10. Back when we used to have LAN parties Battlefield 2 was awesome. 4 guys, 2 bags of weed, one mission.

    Oh and you could all get in the helicopter or the car and then totally dominate everyone.
  11. Super Smash Bros. Melee
  12. Super Smash Bros.

    Get yoshi and poop their ass of the cliff except with pikachu he lightning bolts outta that shit
  13. Use the virtual console thing and get all zelda and n64 games.
  14. I've gotta agree with everyone here, Mario Kart is truly the shit when you're baked. If you dig shooters, try Timesplitters: Future Perfect for the gamecube. Very good 420 game, multiplayer kicks ass.

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