Best video game trailer of all time

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  2. very classy.
  3. i remember the first time i saw this... i was fucking sitting there jaw to the floor amazed at how emotional and extremely extreme this trailer is... its so good
  4. is that the trailer with the little girl falling out a building? fuck that shit.


    deus ex has the best trailers in recent memory
  5. Too bad the game isn't nearly as emotional, and gripping as the trailer makes it out to be.

  6. Thats always the worst part lol.... video games trailers generally pwn the game in terms of epic.

    Good example, The original assassins creed, the trailer was the into movie, where you jump from a bell tower, sneak across a crowd, blast a dude with a cross bow and kill the others... now dont get me wrong, i love all the AC games, but, you do NOT get to use a fucking crossbow until, i believe 2 fucking games later lol and you are NO WHERE near as ninja as he is in the trailer hahahahaha
  7. For a zombie smashing game that was pretty moving.
  8. Deus EX live action trailer
    Halo live action trailers
    Star Wars: The Old Republic trailers

    Those three are truly epic in every way.
  9. ubisoft made a mistake and I believe they later apologized because werent invented until later. And I dont know about you, but I am godly in ac series, if I tried really hard, I would never die. Most of the time I die cause I dont stupid shit, but I never get killed in ac games, I can kill everyone with like one health bar, even when there are 5, 6 crossbows attacking me. Only times I do die is when I try to climb something I cant or I dont grab anything when I fall

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