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Best Video Game to Play Stoned

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Addicted, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. Personally my favorite games to play stoned are ones that you don't need to think alot about to play :p.. Like, Grand Theft Auto 3/Vice, Counter Strike, and damn near any racing game!

    What can get better than GTA? Rape, burn, pillage and loot all in one game!
  2. Yeah Vice City...Any Ice hockey game

    Old school Mario Kart or the N64 version/or on the GBA
    and half decent mutiplayer game is a blast.
  3. any online game is the best when your blasted
  4. i like racing games and ice hockey, as well as halo
  5. Counter Strike powns all

    and Halo is in a very close second

    with FFX-2 in a close third.
  6. NHL 94 for SNES, nothing compares to it... NOTHING
  7. RBI Baseball for NES and Wave Race 64!*!*!*
  8. starfox for N64 ,it reminds me of a classic arcade game
  9. goldeneye on n64, vice city and bf1942 on pc.
  10. Counterstrike or Super Mario Bro.s 3 on NES...oh yaah!
  11. to me, it has to be a multiplayer game, and it has to be the kind that i can play with my friends, so no online pc games. also, i don't like realistically violent stuff when stoned, just good clean fun. silly cartoony style violent games like time splitters and street fighter are ok.

    mario kart 64 is still my favorite. super smash brothers is also awesome.
  12. Unreal Tournament 2003...I don't really like CS when Im high cuz if you die you have to wait for a new round to start, which will quickly bore a high person. UT2003 immediately re-spawns you, and they have lots of cool futuristic weapons
  13. You Counterstrike fans should give Action Half-Life a try. I prefer that when I'm stoned, it's themed around action movie realism. So you can dive, use two pistols, and you have to bandage your wounds or bleed to death. Head shots just seem a lot more impressive if you dive backwards out a second story window. :D
  14. madden 2004
    warcraft 3/tft
  15. ah, you CS kiddies, when will you learn...

    there is only one game, sober, drunk or baked off you ass:

    BATTLEFIELD 1942 !!
  16. I like Tetris when I'm high....that game rules.
  17. Mario Kart 64 is so much fun when you're stoned. It's by far my favorite thing to do..other than eat.
  18. heya. if you like action halflife, you should give the specialists a try. it's just like AHL, except it's more matrix themed. there's a great kungfu system. you can customize most all weapons with flashlights/laser sights/scopes/silencers, in any configuration you want. there are dives, rolls, flips (land on your feet or land in a slide), flip off the wall, backflips. awesome slowmotion effects. check it out:

  19. I didn't like the Specialists for long. Sure it has super powers, all kinds of weapons, and a katana. But pistols and katanas do you little good because almost everyone I've played with uses AKs or something equally deadly, unless the server enforces it. And even wielding a katana, I get shot in the back by some cowardly bastard.

    If they balanced it more, I'd play more.

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