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Best video game EVER!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Gag On Grass, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. So, i just thought of an idea on the best video game ever. How bout a game where you grow weed, and sell it, and you have competing dealers against you. I know there's some text-based games like this, but this one is more focused on just weed, and it has different strains(omg think i forgot how to spell this word). But, how's this sound? It could be realistic, and teach newbies to grow.
  2. I think if you truly have a briliant idea and are going to follow through with it, or even the slimest chance of following through with it some time in the future you should keep them to yourself. :smoking: Good idea though.
  3. i know some of the ideas i get when stoned are dumb, and seem brilliant in a minimal way, but only some. Just thought i'd throw this one out since some of you might like it, being a weed growing forum and all
  4. I think there was a game called Narc or sumthing along those lines.Where you could sell coke and weed basically its based on the Movie Blow.
  5. SimWeed would be an awesome game!

  6. there is actually a game where you grow weed, i play it consistently
    keep in mind its a growing simulator

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