Best vaporizer that doesnt give off a marijuana smell?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Golddustrapedyou, Oct 24, 2014.

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    Hey guys  :) 

    Well I'm in the process of buying my first dry herb vaporizer and I would like to vape at home and at school but not stink up the place/area. I have heard great things about the Magic Flight box, especially on another thread where someone has said that they were able to do it in class without giving off a smell and I have also tried out the Pax and it gives off a interesting smell but nothing close to weed, which is completely fine with me, however my budget is $120 and although the Magic Flight box fits my budget, I want to know if there are better options. Any suggestions? Please don't judge me for trying to get baked at school. :smoke: I just need a vaporizer that doesn't give off the marijuana scent. Thank you.

  2. There is no such thing as a vaporizer that doesnt give off marijuana scent.
  3. You will not be able to vape in class discretely...

    The smell is different than smoking, but It's still weed. Just less potent and slightly different. 
  4. I've vaped with my friend's Pax ploom on multiple occasions and it never give off a marijuana scent...
  5. I see, well I'm ok with the smoke/vapor smelling like anything other than marijuana.
  6. Simply bull shit.
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    Mflb is what your looking for. Im afraid you've been misinformed though. Its totally possible to stink up a room it really depends on how you use it. Its definitely the easiest vape to CONTROL smell that ive tried
  8. I have the Pax by Ploom, and I use it often, you aren't using it in a class without being caught. people will look for the weird burning weed popcorn smell. 
    Then either you forgot to put weed in it or you forgot to turn it on.
  10. Dude, no, just no.
    ^This is what I mean, the Pax gives of a burnt popcorn smell or something to that degree, it doesn't give a marijuana scent.
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    Vaporizing or combustion, the exhale will still have a marijuana smell to it. Unless you're using concentrates it will always give off a distinguishable smell easily recognized by anyone who's smelled pot before. Also the pax is one of the smelliest vapes on the market.
  12. you will need to use a smoke buddy or a bottle to blow your vape into.dont do it in class man goto the bathroom. always the bathroom .with the pax use the lowest setting.if you have used one in the past then will know when your are getting vape.. mflb would would to but you wouldnt be able to have kept in the chamber .same would go with a firefly ,the magnet would make to much of a loud sound unless you can do this all in your backpack:p.
  13. Just make sure to get top quality one that doesn't combust the weed at all.  if you're combusting then it'll put off a smell.  My DBV puts off no MJ smell at all.  Would have to be using it in a tiny little box for any smell not to dissipate very quickly.
  14. Your DBV puts off no smell? bull shit.
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    Vaporizing dosen't smell anything like popcorn, I dont know where that started but I call bs on that aswell.

    Dont let people misinform you
    Vaporizing dosen't have a LINGERING smell. If some one comes into the room while your vaping it can be smelled (like pot not fucking popcorn). Shortly after the smell should dissipate. Where as combustion would smell for hours after even with ventilation.
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  17. I too have no idea where the popcorn shit came from. It smells like weed to me and every person I've ever vaped with.

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  18. Alright well thanks guys, I just decided to commit to wax and from time to time use dry herb, so I guess I'll be looking for a vaporizer that can vape both wax and dry herb (just in case). Looking at the cannastick at the moment, but maybe I'll find a different option in the forums.  :smoke:
  19. I agree that any vaporizer is going to give off some degree of weed smell. It depends on what youre vaporizing too. How much botanical matter is still in it and such. I dont have legal weed in my state so the concentrates arent nearly as pure as professional grade stuff, thus it smells weedier.

    I use an omicron with the 3.7 Ti cartidge and get away with using it at bars and other similiarly crowded places. Keep in mind these are no-smoking places and only allow e-cigs. Ive always just vaped on the way into class. I know us potheads have bad time management but you cant find the time to do it outside of class?

    Also, the Ti cartridge has a ceramic wick so its not burnt tasting/smelling.
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    I think the confusion that is happening here is that people think that if a vape produces a smell that is dissimilar to smoking then its producing no smell which obviously isn't true.
    The closest you're gonna get is getting a vape that you can easily control the temp.
    From what I know. The lower the temp, the closer you'd have to be to smell it

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