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    So I want to get into vaporizing. I've never tried a vaporizer before, so I have a few questions about these things.
    1. What is the best vaporizer to use for stealth with no smell? I currently go to college, but I live with my parents to save money. I want to smoke in my room without any smell because, although they're cool with weed, they get super upset if I make my room stink like it since we're renting the house. 
    2. What kind of high should I expect with this? I hear that vapes give people a different kind of high than a pipe. I love body highs. I just love that couch lock feel. Should I expect more of a head high than a body high? If so, what is a head high like (I've never experienced one)?
    3. What is the best one to get to get me high fast? I want to use this bad boy at concerts such as warped tour or whatever. I want to get big rips from it, so I can get high in about three or four hits and put it away before it becomes obvious that I'm smoking weed. 
    4. Which one gives me the best quality in terms of price? I can't go spending a lot of money. It needs to be under $200.
    Thanks in advance for the advice.

  2. In my opinion the best thing on the market is snoop doggs g pen. It is versatile and can be used with wax and bud, plus it's really simple and discreet. If anyone asks you just say it's an ecigarette. Plus when you factor in the price, it's a damn good deal. I usually take 2-3 rips max before I'm soaring. I bought mine from here, check it out:

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  4. 1. There is no such thing as a no smell vaporizer
    2. The high you get depends on the temp you vape at. To get couch lock high you need to vape at high temps.
    3. I cant think of anything that would be discreet enough to use at a concert and still deliver powerfull hits.
    4. There are lots of decent portables under that price like the MFLB, Firewood, and indica that are relatively stealthy.
    5. For the love of god do not buy one of those crappy g pens that @GlassLover79 recommended.
  5.  Thanks for the reply! I've seen you around a lot, and I know you know you're stuff as well as with Iwien above you. If every vaporizer releases a smell, is it as noticeable as if I used a pipe or something? I was looking at the MFLB. However, I've come across reviews of people that love it and some that say absolutely don't get it. Vaporizing is really confusing. Sorry if I'm being a total newb on this stuff.
  6. I have a Puffit that look like an inhaler, decently stealthy but other than that a poorly designed vape. You wont find a vape that has zero smell, but with a sploof and MFLB smell can be contained. I wouldn't personally recommend a dry erb vape though, you can get much better hits from a wax pen like the Cloud or a modified e cig.
    I need a dry herb vape, though. I can't make the max, and I don't really want to go through the trouble of it. My parents tolerate it as long as they don't see it. They KNOW, but they don't really want to know. If that makes sense.
  8. no smell?

    can't help you
    Nope. Burning buds smells ALOT. Gpen burns buds, doesn't vape.
    I get what you're trying to say. All vapes will leave a bit of smell that usually goes away in like 20 mins from what I've experienced. If you can open the window during the session your room should be smell free. Make sure your bud is stored in airtight containers too.
    I use the Arizer solo and like it because it has automatic temperature control so it's beginner friendly, although there are several other options to consider. The MFLB, Firewood and Hammer are great vapes too, they just have manual temperature control which may be more difficult for someone who's new to vaping.
    Do a bunch of research before you buy and make sure you don't get a counterfeit. Avoid pens unless you're vaping concentrates. 
  10. Low smell in a portable comes from a manual temp vape such as the mflb or the firewood. The arizer solo is a user friendly vape, but it also smells quite a bit due to the conduction that occurs when the herb contacts the bottom of the heating chamber. If you take the time to learn how to use a manual temp vape the smell will be kept to a minimum.
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    The MFLB produces pretty minimal smell, especially if you make a sploof... The only smelly part is the grinding and loading process in my experience. It's a nifty little tool, I highly recommend it.

    I'm a functional stoner
  12. Look up Relaxotech's Imag Plus. As a fresh and insider info, an upgraded version to come, with ceramic heating element and non-fiber insulation. Looks exactly as an e-cig, in fact, it can be used as one. Perfectly combustion free, massive build quality. It should be out soon, I ordered my pack promised to arrive around 10th of November, so may want to look up my disassemble review to get a total picture of tech and materials, also will do a performance check and test, temperature reliability test, material mapping in vent area etc.. Will do the same with Arizer Solo as well this week, keep eyes peeled:)
  13. I am able to use the MFLB at work, with no one the wiser. Like mentioned, G-pen is trash. An extract vape would be probably the lowest amount of smell. General rule, if you want to vape the erb, don't buy a pen, and listen to @Iwien 
    3. "Any-shape" ceramic heating elements, thermistors the size of a match, Li-Ion resources, PCB controls the size of a pound coin - all already exploited in current designs, check out Imag Plus from Relaxotech. Not really a pen size but max a cigar (!) and vapes only, does not combust. 
  15. I do not like the imag for various reasons.
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    I just thought it is " discreet enough to use at a concert and still deliver powerfull hits." :)
    no worries , was just helping, thought you not heard of this one:)
  17. In my opinion it does not deliver on the powerful hits.
  18. On the Plus version you have 3 temp sets, they say 230 C is the "red" - I measured 209-216 range with an approx. 5sec pulse cycle on room temperature, but my thermometer could be wrong, of course - it is an "edge temp" below combustion levels, producing thickest, and certainly not smell free clouds.
  19. Even on the highest temp I wasnt close to impressed with the hits from it.
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    Seriously I am not arguing, but what convinced me about it - apart from shape and style - is exactly the heating method! I used to have Arizer Solo for about a year, they state it is made with a "medical grade steel heating chamber", but not saying that built with a flat disk ceramic heating element attached to the bottom of the chamber, however the Imag has the same ceramic heater in a tube form installed around the walls of the chamber - it does make a difference. Although this is my opinion, and that is your experience, your mouthpiece may have failed to connect airtight, or screen clog/resin condensed in mouthpiece could also severly degrade vapor density. Whatever, most important that you found your favourite, my main concern with yours though is the awkward shape of them, not really on the "street friendly" side, nice build on Heat Island & Underdog, but I guess the air is heated with a simple Nichrome or Kanthal coil, which does a good job in isolated applications, but in a direct inhale device I wouldn't want chromium oxide in contact of air I breathe. And certainly not any burnt lighter gas as that is rarely pure butane in that Hammer :) No offence!! And I bow before the Ascent DaVinci :) Glass on glass!!

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