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  1. To date, 90% of my smoking has been via a bowl. However, to conserve weed and hopefully get higher - I'm considering vaporizers.

    I assume that vaporizers produce the best high? Or is it just a different type of high from other methods?

    I would mostly be vaping with friends - usually between two and four others. Largely indoors.

    Assuming price was not an issue, what are the best vaporizers for sharing?

    What works better - balloon method or hose method. Or does it matter?

    Just looking for some advice/information to a new vaporizer user and a shortlist of the best vaporizers available.
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    dunno if this is in the right thread....but that's not my job or concern
    Here is the vape I have. I save the vapepoo for cooking. it heats up in 5 mins or so and I think is the best bang for your buck

    [ame=] Easy Use Vape Vaporizer Herbal Digital Vaporizer: Kitchen & Dining[/ame]

    I've used the balloons but prefer hoses, as it feels more like a real hit whatever that means - it's up to you. If it has a bag though, it means it has a fan, and that means it will be a little more expensive.
    Do your research it's hard to find good stuff. But I can tell you I'm satisfied with that one up there that I linked ya to

    edit: btw don't think you have to buy one of those $700 vapes to get the best shit...some of those are just as good as a $100 or less vape ;)
  3. well like you i really wanted to try a vape so i got one of the box vapes from my headshop sticker price 125$ i got it for 75$ after the first week of using it its never came out of the box.

    i dont like all the hooking up, the waiting for the vape to heat up, mixing the weed around.

    Its just to much of a hassle for me, plus i hate that taste the vape gives. its worth a try, it just wasnt right for me. Im more of a bong guy.

    I even got the vape to bong attachment online so i can take bong rips out the vape, but i just dont like the taste it give
  4. I heard there is a weird 'taste' - how/why is it so different from a bowl/bong/joint?
  5. its not a flame. its just heating up your bud not burning it. So after awhile you will just be heating up nasty burnt bud that doesn't have any thc. I hate the taste #1 reason why i dont vape
  6. Well there are three I'm considering, anybody able to vouch?:

    Vapormatic Deluxe
    Silver Surfer
    Da Buddah
  7. Ive only used my Volcano and a silver surfer, Silver surfer was good but nothing compares to the Volcano. IMO its worth saving for especially if your gonna keep it for the next 5 years..
  8. The taste of properly vaporized nug is incredible, dont care who you are. But toward the end of some whip packs in a whip vape I do admit taste funky. I ended up with a log vape, search them.. you only pack about .03g so you never get to the funky taste point. Oh also, they can stay turned on and warm indefinitely.
  9. Why is the Volcano so widely hailed? I'm always told it's the best, but never really am told just WHY it's the best. Any website that offers side-by-side comparison?

    And what about the Extreme Q? That's another I'm interested in.
  10. My first vaporizer was a silver surfer and I'll never go back to smoking bowls. Da buddah is just a non customizable and more affordable surfer. I chose the SSV because of the angle that the hose sits at as compared to da buddah. I can take big rips out of my surfer that are plenty big(my last bong was 24" so I know what a big rip can be). And I just love how I just taste the weed as opposed to the smoke as I went from an ounce a month to 3 quarters....smoking the same as I Did with a bong. So I'm saving 80-100 dollars a month in bud. I'll never look back.

  11. The silver surfer and da buddha are great vapes. Very similar in function, the surfer just has a smaller hole between the heating element and your bowl, so you get a smaller jet of heated air, and its a little easier to control it, and the SSV is a bit more customizable as well.

    The high isn't better, its just different. For most people its clearer, and easier to function while high.

    Hose vs. bag is opinion. Hose is easier to control, and you don't have to smoke it quickly (in a bag it will start to settle in the bag after about a half hour), bags are great for groups, easy to pass, nothing to break.

    My advice would be to read what you can about those vapes, in your range there are a lot of options..some other ones would be:
    the purple days or herborizer (if you already have a bong) for efficiency
    The supreme vape is known for great hits and easy to use with a bong.
    The herbalaire is supposed to be good for bags. The extreme Q is good at bags and whip, but not *great* for either, sorta a jack of all trades.
    Make sure whatever vape you get you read about it, and learn to use it right.
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    If you're looking for something for sharing, the Volcano really can't be beaten. It costs a lot, but no other vape lets you load up a bag of vapor and throw it around the room, or have a big 6ft bag sitting on your lap while watching t.v (even though it does start to go a bit stale after half an hour or so) instead of all four of you crowding round a little table with a whip vape, trying not to waste any vapor by holding it on the heating element for too long or something..
    It might not be the most efficient vape on the market, and it's far from stealthy, but for indoor use with friends, or alone it really is superb, and definitely gets the job done.
    Also, the build quality is genuinely superb, i've had mine for over a year now, been using it basically every day that i'm at home extensively, and it's not once broken, or had any sort of issues. It also requires little maintenance, i've only cleaned mine properly four or five times and as i've said, never had any issues.
    You should also not expect thick, milky, 'bonglike' hits from a Volcano bag, as opposed to the thicker hits you'd get from a whip vape, but I prefer the lighter hits from the bag, but it's subjective. The Volcano taste though is really amazing, and I do love being able to adjust temperatures.
    The Vaping high takes a bit of getting used to if you're a habitual smoker, but I slowly phased smoking out as I came to realise I preferred vaporising, persevere with it and I think you'll come to the same realisation, it seemed to be the case with me and most of my mates who use vapes.

    It costs a lot of money, but it sounds like, for your purposes, it could be perfect.
  13. volcanoes are no longer necessary, you can get a herbal or extreme q for a fraction of the cost, that would be close to the same. Only thing there is no lock on the bag as you pass the extreme or herbal air bags around, i for one have never experience "stale" vapor, left vapor in the bag for a bit, but didn't bother me, but i really think bags are useless, whip or bong when using the vape for me. I find to get high off of a vape like a bong, you must use a bong with your vape to achieve massive vapor clouds somewhat close to a regular toke, vape+bong fucks you up. I don't think i could ever just give up smoking instead of vaping, because when i vape for a while i crave a combusted bongtoke :(.
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    Agree with panda on this. A bag vape is really the way to go if you're going to be sharing it amongst friends most of the time and the 'Cano is best made bag vape out there but you really pay a premium for that. If you want to spend quite a bit less money, check out the HerbalAire at about 1/3 the cost of the Volcano. It even has a 3-bag option where you can blow up three bags at once and for a bag vape, it's super efficient. Because of the way it's designed, you don't even have to grind up your bud. Just stick in a whole nug and it will vape every bit of it. I know of no other vape that can do this nor do I know of any vape that has a multi-bag option.

  15. Don't think you really got my point about bags. The whole advantage is being able to throw them around and chill with them, and not having a lock kinda defeats that purpose.
    I've only used my bag with a bong once (never used a whip with a bong so can't speak from experience) and it was pretty underwhelming, seemed the same just with a bit of added effort.
    Also, I've never used either of the vapes you've mentioned, but I think you're paying for the build quality and reliability above anything else with the Volcano, i've seen reviews for the herbalair and it always looked a bit plasticky and the hoses looked pretty cheap. Although the Extreme Q looks very cool and I really do want to try it out.

  16. Yeah, when your not using the bag u put your finger over it or put it back on the whip, as for vapor bonging, your totally missing out
    [ame=]‪Extreme q vaporizer whip and bong‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  17. I'm still unconvinced one way or the other - are there any good websites out there fore comparative reviews on vaps?
  18. Q tower extreme is a sweet bag and whip vape i love mine.
  19. MFLB, surprised know one already said it.

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