Best vaporizer for both wax and dry herb under 100? Any suggestions?

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  1. Hey guys :smoke: 

    So I finally got access to wax and I was wondering what's the best vaporizer for both wax and dry herb within a $100? So far I've found the Snoop Dog G Pen and I'm looking at the Cannastick as well but I heard negative reviews about Cannastick. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.  :smoke:

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    It ain't gonna happen.   Doesn't exist.
  3. I just named two that exist. I'm not looking for the absolute top tier. Something that performs as well as the Snoop Dogg G pen or better is fine.
  4. The snoop dogg g shite is not a vaoporizer, yes it claims to be one but it just isn't. The gpen is nothing more than an electric pipe that will combust your weed not vape it.
    listen to Iwien, he is very knowledgeable on this subject..
    You did NOT name 2 that exist.   The Snoop Dogg G pen will NOT vaporize dry herbs..................period.   
  6. Sorry I meant the Snoop Dogg Micro G pen...The guys from Vape legends did a review on it and demonstrated that it uses both wax and dry herb.
  7. Kandy Pen. 3 in 1 vaporizer with oil, herbs, and wax. best of all 3. Just make sure you get the glass inserts for the dry herbs,its an extra 10$ but really worth, it prevents combustion.
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    it may work with herbs but what Iwien is saying is that even though it still lights the herbs its not vaporizing it, theres still combustion occurring.
  9. Kandy pen is complete garbage.
  10. oh really, and why is that.
  11. Burns without glass screen. Incredilbly weak vapor with the glass screens. There is nothing to like about it.
  12. 60$ for an eliquid atomizer wax atomizer and an herb atomizer is definitely still worth in my opinion. best vaporizer probably for its portability and no its not weak. it just packs a .1 gram bowl. so just pack a few more. only downside.
  13. If you want to actually get anything from vaporizing dry herb than it is a complete waste. It is one of the weakest hitting vaporizers on the market if you use the screens. I cant even get high using one of these pieces of shit.
  14. well what other g pen vapes weed and is that portable.
  15. No G pen vapes weed correctly except for the g pro and it is just a rebranded titan vaporizer at double the cost.
  16. Most pen vapes dont actually vaporize. They combust your herb.

    I bought 2 of my friends g pens: one got the standard size one, and one got the micro. Ive seen their herb after a session, and its always ash.

    They are still happy with these pens because it still allows them to smoke in places like the beach with ease, but they understand their pens are not vapes. The pens are basically electronic bowls.
  17. Vapoloution 2.0 with dry herb attachment is 100 they have concentrate attachments depending if all glass is important or not should be in 112-135 + shipping. One nice sized dabs gives you well over 10 extremely tasty hits.
    Dry herb out of this is pretty nice to for the price.
  18. which is why i love the Kandy Pens. You can buy the honeycomb 3 glass inserts for only 10$ and it prevents combustion.
  19. Gpen sucks for herb but the micro g for oil is amazing
  20. Also prevents vaporization :laughing:

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