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  1. So I see this website is offering 20% off sale. I'm wondering if any other vaporizer vendors are offering 420 discounts? I am especially interested in Vapor Brothers and Iolite vaporizers. With the Iolite on this website, the 20% would make it $160, but how much would shipping to US add on?

    There's a couple reasons why I'm worried about Iolite though vs. Vapor Brothers. I have heard the Iolite plastic mouthpiece is weak and gets warm. I wonder if that could mean inhaling plastic particles. I also have heard people bitch about the Iolite malfunctioning. I also read one complaint that it's a pain to keep reloading it if you have a high tolerance.

    The other thing is the vapor in Iolite comes out hot/warm and I think the hydrator on the Vapor Brothers unit could be a better choice. It gives you water-cooled hits that are easier on the lungs. But of course the Iolite is more portable than Vapor Brothers.

    I would love to hear any comments about any of the issues raised in this post. Thanks! :)
  2. the easiest solution...

    ...the magic flight launch box for under a bill
  3. Do you want a vape that you are primarily going to use at home, or a vape that you are primarily going to use outside when you're out and about?
  4. I'm trying to decide how important portability is to me.

    I'd say 2 very important factors to me are:
    1)must be absolutely healthy product with no inhalation of metal, gas, plastic vapors etc.
    2) gives the most bang for your buck from trees given the cost of the medicine

    Is there any way to make Vapor Brothers portable?
    Also, as far as bang for your buck from trees, how does Iolite compare? I've heard Purple Days is the best in that respect. I wish there was a hydrator for Purple Days. I'm thinking filtration through water can help reduce risk of contaminants like grit weed and fertilizers. I'm really trying to stay healthy here.
  5. No practical way to make the VaporBros portable.

    I hit my Purple Days thru my bong all the time. Works great.
  6. you're getting me more interested in Purple Days but unfortunately there is a waiting list....anybody know approx. how long the waiting list is?

    Also, if Purple Days is the vape that gives the best bang for your buck as far as not wasting any trees, does anybody know what vape is 2nd best?
  7. You have a few option. If you like to build things, the makers of the Purple Days is offering it up in kit form. It's called the Pandora, and the wait list on that is only a few weeks.

    Another option, and a vape that is VERY similar to the Purple Days is the Myrtlezap. No wait list on that one. Should be just as efficient. The differences are that the warranty on the PD is 12 times as long, the heat exchanger and the bowl in the PD is made from stainless steel rather than brass on the Zap, and the PD uses a different design on the heat exchanger which allows it to maintain it's temps a bit better between hits.
  8. The real issue with trying to get a purple days is finding one, as there is a prettyomg waiting list. I just got my da buddha, it is really awesome. I'd highly recommend you looking into that option. Under 200, the onlyvl vale to produce really thick and rich bong like vapes, it's intense. But super easy to use! Although it isn't great on the efficient side, not like purple days anyway.
  9. thanks for info, I got to think about what I'm going to do.
    lwien, in your opinion is Purple Days the best vape ever invented? Also, why did you get rid of your Iolite? what was wrong with it? Thanks
  10. There is no definitive "best vape"

    However if you are looking for an at home unit for personal use and want to conserve the PD is most likely the vape for you. Many users can confirm that as little as .025 grams will provide good sustained hits. And as he said you can look in to the Pandora kit as well as the Myrtlezap if you don't want to wait. The Woodeez is a similar style vape but it hasn't been around for the longest time.
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    As Gigglin' said above, there is no best vape. Certain ones do certain things really well, but none of them do all things really well, but in the realm of efficiency, the Purple Days is my vape of choice, and it is for that reason that it is my daily workhorse. I can get 4 solid hits from just 0.025g. Don't know of very many other vapes that can do that. The MyrtleZap as well as the Pandora Kit from Purple Days, is equally as efficient.

    But when I want those super rich, bong like rips, I'll whip out the Buddha and when I've got company over, I'll flip the switch on the Ion to blow up some bags.

    I got rid of the Iolite for a few reasons. One, is that it wasn't very efficient. Two, is that it had a tendency to melt it's mouthpiece and they broke off. Third is that it hisses between heating cycles, so as a very stealth portable, it didn't suit my needs. And fourth, there was just too many reports of reliability issues for me to stay with it long term. Fifth, is that I didn't like the taste, and sixth, is I really didn't need a portable being that my vaping is done indoors. I didn't buy the Iolite. I won it in a contest, but if I were to buy another portable, it would be the LaunchBox.
  12. I love my Magic Flight! Great lil thing it is. My buddy has Da Buddah, and it rocks just the same. Those are my recommendations.

  13. i have one and love it! any questions feel free to ask :smoking:
  14. The Magic Flight Launchbox looks real interesting. I wonder if there any potentially unsafe vapors from it though, like metal ions or something else. So are Launchbox and Iolite the big names in portable vaporizers? There are so many vaporizers out there these days; it's amazing.
  15. If you're interested in the LaunchBox, here is a 114 page thread on nothing but the LaunchBox. User reviews, user tips and conversations with the inventor where you can ask questions relating to metal ions and such. FC - Vaporizer Forum / The Magic-Flight Box Review

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