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  1. what is the best vape and whats the best cheap one???
  2. Ok. this is seriously getting out of hand. PLEASE. USE THE SEARCH BUTTON.
    there are at least 20 threads with this same question.
  3. To answer your question, the valcano would be the best, it cost upwards of 550 dollars though, they sell cheaper ones, but none work as good as the valcano.

  4. Volcano is not the best. If you are going to recommend some things to someone, at least know what you are talking about.
  5. TOTALLY agree. To the OP. There really is no need to spoon feed you since all the info is right here. Just put your finger to good use and hit the search button rather than using it to scratch your head.

    TOTALLY agree with this also but I'd take it one step further. There is no such thing as the best vape. And to say that none work as good as a Volcano is total bullshit.
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    What in the hell is a Valcano? If you're going to make up shit about a vape, at least learn how to spell it correctly. :rolleyes:

    And even if you spelled it correctly, your statement is an out and out lie. If you want to state an opinion, than state it as such, but if you're going to state it as fact, you better be prepared to be challenged on it.

    Here's some facts, and I welcome your challenge. The 'Cano is NOT the best vape, and..........MANY vapes work as good as a Volcano. And in some areas, other vapes work BETTER.
  7. as a volcano owner, and someone who has tried many vapes, the volcano performs like none other. not like it should be surprising though, it cost me just south of 700. filling up bags and sharing with friends and kicking back to volcano vaped bud, there's nothing that compares.

    but for like 150 you can get a solid vapor brothers with a whip that is great.
  8. i got my extreme vaporizer for 300... my friend had a volcano and i always argued w/ him that the extreme worked better in every way execpt for the how fast it can fill up a bag. the volcano beats the extreme in filling bags.. thats it in my opinion
  9. The Volcano is the "best" vape, as in the best balance of reliability, discretion, conservation, and effectiveness. It also uses bags, which many see as superior to whips. it's also the costliest. There is no arguing that. Other vapes excel in other areas.

    The Extreme uses both bags and whips, but neither are top-of the line.

    The purple days does work on conserving your herb. you can be blitzed from .05 of a gram, but it takes 30 minutes to heat up, although it's meant to always be on.

    Da Buddah and Silver Surfer give rich, thick vapor rips, but eats up your bud.

    Vapor Bros is a balanced whip-style vape, and a great option for someone who is just getting into vaping. I'd call this the "best cheap vape".
  10. There is no "best" vape. Every vap has it's own pros and cons. I would check out

  11. We've pretty much been tag teaming these
  12. For five years now I searched out just this question. My first was a acryllic with a metal stem and glass dome that slid over. The directions recommended WETTING the weed first. Since it only had one setting... On. the second was a vape genie, a handheld wooden pipe deal. third was one of those horizontal ones. wood box, metal stem. Every one of them had the ability to light the weed on fire. All of them. T
    Weary and about to buy a Volcano I stumbled upon this. Home | Arizer BOOYEAH! It's the shit. It has bags like the volcano, but it can also be attached to the "whip" (a long tube.) and be pumped into your mouth. The heater is ceramic and NOT aluminum like some products. No matter how long it has been running I can always pick it up by the metal casing. Ive even touched the bowl without getting savagely burned. which was a problem with all my others. Its still quite gets hot obviously. Very accurate thermostat and quick heating. Displays both set and actual temperatures. The best part? IT COMES WITH A F***ING REMOTE CONTROL! I can't tell you how much I love it.
    I cannot say enough good things about this thing. Oh yeah, I got mine for like 250. 1 year a still running strong. Nuff said. Any questions?
  13. the volcano is closer to the bottom of the spectrum for discretion haha
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    Also, closer to the bottom of the spectrum for conservation. And as far as reliability goes, there are moving parts in the 'Cano, like the pump. In other vapes, there are no moving electrical or mechanical parts to break down.

    But with that being said, the 'Cano is a very good vape. GREAT party vape. But to say that it is the best overall, or say that it is the best balanced as far as "as in the best balance of reliability, discretion, conservation, and effectiveness" is just plain wrong, for in regards to that particular balance, a very strong case can also be made for the Purple Days. Hell, I'd go so far to say that the little portable LaunchBox has a better balance for reliability, discretion, conservation and effectiveness, and that thing only costs 90 bucks and comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. I sure as hell though, wouldn't want to use the LaunchBox in a party situation though. For THAT, I'd whip out the Volcano any day of the week.

    To repeat what a previous poster stated, there is no such thing as one best vape for everyone. It doesn't exist and is the very reason that many of those that are seriously into vaporizing have more than one type of vape. A daily workhorse vape that is super efficient. A heavy duty vape that will pump out huge, thick, bong like rips, a portable vape that can be used when you're out and about, and a bag vape for party use.

    If what you want is a party vape, the Volcano would be hard to beat.
    If what you want is a super efficient vape, the Purple Days would be hard to beat.
    If what you want is super, thick, bong like rips, the Buddha or the Silver Surfer or the VaporBros would be hard to beat.
    If what you want is a vape to hit through a bong, the VripTech Heat Wand would be hard to beat.
    If what you want is a portable vape, the LaunchBox would be hard to beat.
    If you want a vape that will do BOTH whips and bags, the new Extreme Q would be hard to beat, or the HerbalAire, which may be a bit more efficient.

    and the list goes on, and on......

    So.......if you want a vape that is going to suit YOUR needs, don't rely on anyone here that suggests just one vape unless you qualify what you really want from your vape and how you plan on using it.

    Hope that all makes sense. Oh, and the OP asked what is the best "cheap" vape, and to that question, I'd suggest looking at the LaunchBox for around 90 bucks. I don't believe that there is another vape within that price range that can touch it, with the exception of the VaporGenie which can have a pretty steep learning curve for some.

    (fuck, I can't believe I just wrote all this shit.......................again.)

  15. I know man. I always find myself repeating the same thing over and over again when it comes to discussing vaporizers... the misinformed are quite predictable, eh?

    The never really learn either...
  16. I know. The OP refuses to use the goddamn search button and I allow myself to get sucked into answering his/her question and it's not because they asked it. it's more because of all the bogus crap that gets posted up anytime this question gets asked.
  17. Greetings All,
    I'm a newbie to Vaporizers.. I only had the chance to use the box style once.. I just ordered the new Extreme Q today:hello:... Needless to say I know nothing about these things; but I'm sure gonna have a real good time finding out just how it works. I just love gadgets and pushing buttons, the Extreme Q surely has all that.. I did do some research and found that this vaporizer does come with 5 star reviews.. Would anyone be so kind as to give me advice on how to properly use this device and how can I keep it working in tip top shape.. My Honey would'nt let be have his because he said I'd just ruin it and clog it up like I've done everything else, so I was forced to purchase my own... I must say He rarely uses his vaporizer because he's to much of a light weight and can't handle it.. I'll have to keep mine under lock n key until I make sure I don't wreck it. I like smokin Big Bomber J's:smoking:, but really would like to cut down on my smoke intake.. I'd greatly appreciate any advice you all have to give.. I did'nt mention I'm also new to this form. Thanks Kevin08 for the Cannabutter technique it came out just a pretty as the picture.. My brownies sent my Honey straight to La La Land (he had 2 small bit size pieces "Light Weight" he's no fun:()
  18. EVERYTHING you need to know about the Extreme and more: FC - Vaporizer Forum / The Extreme Vaporizer Thread Part II
  19. Greetings Iwien,
    Thanks for the great line on the info... You are absolutely correct everything I need to know and more...
  20. My pleasure, and here's one specifically on the "Q": FC - Vaporizer Forum / The New Extreme-Q Vaporizer

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