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Best vape pen?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by HydroDi0xy, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Why do you want a vape pen as opposed to a portable?

  2. I personally like the real trippy stix because it is the only one without cartridges. So you can put whatever wax or full melt you have, which is usually a wider selection then your choices for cartridges
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    I use the essential vape 24/7 usually, but have started to think about having a portable vape for hash oil/wax without using a lighter...I would be ok with an iolite or arizer solo for movie theatres or restaurants...but I like hash oil more so I searched google and saw videos/ebay for best prices and models...seems the Omicron is ok, but rather cheaply built and ppl are saying they resale theirs usually. The vaporx xl seems to be best vape pen i'm seeing on most sites from the short research I've done today. They all seem to support same cartridge system (the Vaporx, Omicron, Vapor Rx etc all support the same cartridges u need to refill/attach to it). I paid 50$ for my essential vape directlt from vendor and will likely get a vape pen if i can get maybe slightly under that. I'm thinking a cannabis expo, when the vendors are closing up would be a good bargain if they have any then. -blaze it:hippie:
  4. Right now I would say that the best option is to buy a genuine 6v EgoT battery, and the thermovape revolution. You could get the persei if you were interested in the extra accessories it has to offer like the 8 (for herbs) and the Hammer (herb iron) but it is expensive and the revolution does hash oil just as well.
  5. Just buy a portable vape such as the mflb, I'm pretty sure it will do better than any vape pen
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    MFLB isn't that good for hash oil/wax, and I don't keep flower on me all the time so wouldn't use it much, i have noticed its a fan fave tho.

    I do find the arizer solo a good option though since battery lasts long for long seshs (from reviews and vids I came up on when researching options) and no butane needed like the iolite.

    i'm currently 24/7 with the essential vape for now.
    still would like to vape oil/wax while at a stakehouse or movie theatre thats the ish lol...so i'm investing in a vape pen to be discrete. i can just say its a asthma medication inhaler if im ever asked/ or anyone is suspicious, sounds doable. im finding goods deals in the 40-50 range, [email protected] and [email protected]
  7. Yeah oils and hash damage the mflb. it really depends it you have access to oils and hash. If so get the omicron. But if you only have acess to green, you would get the persei but it sort of looks like a pen, but doesnt resemble a pen vape. All the other legit pend either suck or combust bud. And im guessing you want to go portable, and small because of the pen, so it narrows it down to mflb cheaper thermovap expensive no2 expensive
  8. I like my new G Pen now for wax dabs. I used the Atmos Raw for dabs and it works but the G Pen is easier to load and gives you some serious rips. The G Pen for the price is Awsesome. If you got the money go for the Omicron V2. But for 65$ on EBay right now you can get the whole G Pen kit.

    New G-Pen Portable Vaporizer by Grenco Science GPen for Concentrates & Oils Vape | eBay

    Here's a legit review from the WeedMAps guys.

  9. I read an [email protected] review, ppl say the product burns off the chemical in the chamber eventually since it is a rebranded ego-w (made for nicotine oil and not for hash oil/honey oil).
    Here's pic of Ego-W, seems like (if you search amazon you'll find the review) Grenco Science did rebrand it, here's pic:
    Chinese product^ e-cig for nicotine
    *I haven't purchased or used it so I'm just sharing what I came up on my research....lots of Dispensaries are carrying the G-pen so I'm not 100% but I'm leaning towards a VaporX when I get a portable vape for oil $50ish if possible.

  10. Wrong. Grenco adds glycerine to the wicking system to prevent it from drying before the first use. Takes a sec for the glycerine to burn off but once you do the only thing burning is wax on the element which is surrounded by a ceramic barrier in the tank.

    G pen - YouTube
  11. Omicron for meeee
  12. ego-t + co2 oil cartridge from dispensary (screws right into battery) works great for me. and at ~25 for the pen and 35 for the cartridge, it's the cheapest pure-hash pen I've found.
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  17. I had the OPen for a while, but had issues with the battery and enedeed up talking to someone in another country when I called. So I switched to VStick - it seems lighter, I think its cheaper however I cant really remember how much the other one cost, and all the customer support is in the USA and they answer their phones - I called to ask if they have a multicolored tips pack... rather than one color... as I am sharing it with the wife.
    I got mine at the manufacturer's site... VStick Pen Vaporizer  wow I actually was able to make that a link lol.
  18. I am a huge fan of the Omicron and Persei but like somebody said above it can be a bit expensive.
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