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Best Vape Pen for Wax??? (as of Aug. 13)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by CA kid, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Ok so I can't seem to find much consensus on the current best vape pen out there. I've used my friends micro g pen before and really enjoyed it, so I'm considering that. I've heard that pens with the cartridges tend to go out and you have to replace them every couple weeks? Price doesn't matter, I'm only looking to vape wax no herb, something that I won't have to keep buying parts for, that will last, all while giving pretty huge hits. I'm open to any suggestion really, just looking for the top of the line in quality. Currently I'm using a pretty nice bong with a nail/dome set up, although I'm planning on selling it to get a pen vape, so I want to get something that gives some big hits. 
    Also I like how the Cloud pen or micro G don't use cartridges, can someone explain the pros/cons of having or not having a cartridge?
    Thanks a ton everyone!

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    Go to Themedstick.com   They have a pretty big selection of vape pens
    Oh, and might want to check out the vaporcone discreet or elite, depending on weather you are looking to conceal your pen or not.
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    Get a cloud
    The ones with cartridges are mixed with vegetable glycerin for foodgrade propyleneglycol, The same as electronic cigarettes. The ones without cartridges are just for pure wax or oils.
  4. So you think the Cloud is the best? Any opinion on the Hippy Trips pen? That one seemed pretty cool but its new to the market. Also the RUvaped micro pen looks good too. There's way to many options : (
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    Fuck that, the Vapor Cone Elite was without a doubt the biggest piece of shit I've bought not to mention it broke within a few uses due to a malfunction and customer service didn't do anything about it. It didn't hit very well and of course it doesn't do herb what-so-ever like they would like to have you believe. When I received the pen it had a extremely strong odor that you find in a welding/metal working shop. Anything smoked out of it tasted like absolute shit. I could go on...
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    Other than that pos Vapor Cone the only one I've used was the Atmos Thermo with the waxy cart. It was nothing like hitting a nail but it worked so I was happy with it. I've heard good things about the Omicron and the Micro Vaped Glass Globe....but I haven't used them so I can't say. It's hard to go by reviews though so I'd wait for someone to chime in.
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    I would go with a persei with a hercules sr71, the cartridge is warrantied for a year and its totally user serviceable. thing produces massive clouds
  8. If you get an Ego style pen with variable voltage, there are tons and tons of options you can take from there. They are cheap, last a great while and can be found easily on most any ecig site. Pm me if u want to know more or stop by my oil pen thread in the sig. I just updated it with another glass globe. (there are two in thread) plus there are tons of other attachements in the thread besides those.
  9. I've wasted my money on the crappy standard looking vape pens before deciding to invest in a nice piece.  I bought a Thermovape over a year ago, and haven't looked back since.   This can very easily become a primary piece.  If you use it daily, I would suggest buying extra batteries, and it would be nice to get a second heating element part, too, so you can use it while soaking/cleaning the other one.
    The Thermovape uses no solder anywhere in the piece, and makes huge clouds!!   I REALLY cannot suggest it enough.
    I can speak from experience that WaxPayne's thread will get you setup. I just "built" a pen within the last week from the info in that thread. Not only does it work great but I think you can get better quality with DIY because you're choosing the best manufacturer for each piece of your setup. Good luck! 
    :hello: Thank you man I appreciate the words of encouragement. The pens definitely are a step up from an Atmos or a Gpen because it gives you many different options. The thing is that many are so overpriced or faulty, it's hard to discern what works best. Its really personal preference. Whatever works for you will work and so far the pen has not let me down.
  12. Hippy trips! Ftw. With their long lasting coils and able to hold a gram of wax locked n loaded if ya want. Out of all the pens I've tried this one hits best on a fresh dab. Highly suggest it to anyone looking for a good personal dabber. Btw when you buy one it comes with a extra coil and its a regular usb charger. (Like a ps3 controller or blackberry) Get at it!
  13. I've been really thinking about this one, it looks good. I definitely want the longest lasting coil, how many other pens have you tried?
  14. Wax Payne is legit. My pen parts are in the mail right now. Read his thread and had to do it.

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  15. Thanks nomad let me know how it works and if u need help setting things up :smoking:
  16. it seems like any another pen breaks or have to replace parts like the cheap stikky pen, trippy stix, cloud pen. You'll have your hippy longer than any other pen.

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  17. I have over 6 pens and trippy stix is good w xl chamber but mine broke. Hippy trips is the best one I like or you need to make you own. Hippy trips is sick though
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