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Best Vape Pen for dry herb?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by MoldyBread, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. I really want to get into vapes, And I'm looking for a good, cheap, vaporizer for dry herbs. I looked into the MFLB and I might get that, but I would like "Pen" and I'm wondering if there is any good vape pens, designed for dry herbs
  2. Magic Flight Launch Box.
  3. That's not a pen...

    I'd recommend a G-Pen only down side, you can't really use dried herb
  4. Can't really? What do you mean? I saw the PAX and it really is a beautiful tool. Ill have to save up more if I want that.
  5. Go for the PAX for sure!
  6. Most pen vapes are designed for "essential oils" and cant use dry herb. I havnt found one that does.. The pax is the best small vape for herb u'll find
  7. You should consider either the Thermovape Cera or the Inhalater XP.
  8. Does anyone have any experiance with either the PAX, inhalater, etc?
  9. It doesn't vape the herb, it's combusts it
  10. Maybe the puffit vaporizer, palm,pax
  11. All the dry herb pens out right now aren't great. I've seen many reports of these combusting the bud. I would just go with one of the other portable vaporizers out like the pax, solo, mflb, iolite, or cera.
  12. Ill probably go with the MFLB, and upgrade to the PAX. the pax just looks so god damn beautiful. But ad of right now, now Magic Flight is more flexible with my current price range.
  13. the mflb is great, especially if you're looking for stealth.
  14. meh, not really. go for the iolite!
  15. Doesn't the Percei from Delta9 make it possible to use dry herb? I thought I heard them talking about a "Hercules" cartridge able to handle anything?
  16. Do you recommend a pen that does combust herb?
  17. Anyone have the Atmos dry? Thoughts?

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