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    Ok so I plan on getting a vape sometime soon, and tbh im very new to it all. I was goin to just get an MFLB because of the popularity and whatnot, but then I looked into it and didnt really like what I saw. I have no clue when Im looking around for vapes so I will just list what im looking for.

    I want a vape that will get you full blasted. Portable. Battery life that lasts for a while, at LEAST enough for a sesh. Pretty easy to use. Stealth!! If I had to list the most important then I have to go with both stealth and ability to get super stoned. Oh and durabilty. I want to make sure that if i spend a lot that it will not break easy. I would prefer it to be on the cheaper side, but I am willing to go to 200. Also, I have no clue where to get these things for the cheapest/repliable places online, so if you could help with that thatd be great. Thanks guys

    oh and for the most part, I doubt itll ever leave my house. I just want something thatll be good for staying at home, but I dont want some machine thing that looks weird and stuff lol
  2. By stealth I mean the smell. I want to be able to use it in the house
  3. Try checking out the Pax if you can go to $250, I hear a lot of great things about it
  4. the Vapir N02 is a great portable one but I used it at the house. about the size of a regular gatorade bottle, you get 40-50 hits off a bowl. maybe only 30, but its amazing. mine just stopped working after almost 3 years of use.
    now im looking for one too
  5. i highly recomend the no2, go check it out it has great reveiws and i give it a 10/10. its well below your price range right now, it was once $200 but it dropped to below 100, idk why ive had mine for about 6 months and it is the exact same as the day i got it. its really portable and heats up fairly quick, when its plugged in tho it will take about 60 seconds tops and you will be vaping. watch some vids on it, everyone loves it. people will say the bowl is too small, noooooo. if you are with under 4-5 people one bowl should work if its fresh, and its not that fucking hard to load another. you will save weed and its a good buy. you can buy this vape and $100 worth weed with the money you will be saving, and if you dont like, which i will highly doubt, u can just sell it for its original retail price of $200 online or to some chump or something. highly recommended, and hope i helped, good luck finding a good vape and if you get the no2 hope you like it.  
  6. The Arizer solo is known for its non-smell, I would HIGHLY recommend it as im an owner of one. Its the best product ive ever bought and i promise you won't be disappointed with them clouds!

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  7. i gotta LSV for sale ..... youtube it LSV vaporizer
  8. The arizer solo is known for not smelling?
    Since when? I have never heard that assertion before. How can a vape that constantly produces vapor while being on be known for no smell?
  9. It just doesn't smell.. besides the little amount of bud you put in it. unless you get to the higher temperatures like 6-7 it'll combust

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  10. That is bullshit. Even before mine reaches heat level 2 I can already smell the vapor coming from it before I even hit it. The solo is one of the smelliest vaporizers I have used. 
  11. Well there is a certain distinct smell but it doesn't linger and I've never heard of someone having smell issues with their solo

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  12. Deluxe Daddy if you don't need a portable vape.
    Atmos if you do.
  13. It used to not smell a lot for me when I put my finger over the stem but now since my rubber O rings are loose my room reaks. might be cause I'm vaping stank
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    So let me get this straight.  What you're suggesting is that if the OP doesn't need a portable and wants to stay under 200 dollars, you're suggesting that he gets a Chinese made VaporBros knock-off instead of a Buddha, or an LSV, or a Vapolution, or an Exteme Q, etc etc, but that if he does want a portable for under 200 bucks, your suggesting the Atmos over the Lotus, the Solo, the DaVinci, etc etc.
    You've GOT to be kidding, right?
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    LOL wut. Deluxe Daddy is made in Canada.
    IDK where Atmos is made, but it's under 120 bucks. 
    Maybe your vape isn't working as well as you think it is, calm down.
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    The Deluxe Daddy is NOT made in Canada.    It is being marketed by a company in Canada, but it is made in China and it is an inferior knock-off of the VaporBros.     The Atmos is made in China as well.
    Now I'm not going to say that all vapes that are made in China are trash because that's is simply not true, but the two that you suggested, considering the other vapes that are available, are not even in the same league.
    My vape is working just fine.     What isn't working fine are your suggestions.    You are suggesting that someone purchase inferior product compared to what is available in the market.
    Regarding being made in China, here is an excerpt of one review.   I can post others that are just as bad as this one if you wish or if you are still under the impression that it is a good vape that is not manufactured in China:
    Although Vapor Daddy is based out of British Columbia, Canada, they manufacturer their units in China which isn't inherently bad. However, this unit should be in a lower price range due to its lower quality. The unit itself is decently durable although the plastic components are of cheap quality, contributing to the lingering plastic taste and poor vapor quality. Unfortunately the actual heating element stick becomes quite wobbly after just several uses, rendering the user to wonder if the vaporizer will even make it though the session without falling off. For the price category the unit is set in, it really doesn't live up to any expectations to comparably priced units and you are much better off avoiding cheaply made units at costs above $130 when possible. You can also tell its cheap quality by the packaging and poorly adhered “deluxe daddy” sign on the side....
    What I do suggest though is rather than laugh at someone who is trying to give you accurate information, you should first verify if that information is in fact.............accurate.
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    Arizer solo.. Or the Extreme Q . Great products good warranty good price. Use the solo myself. Chinese knock offs for $30 on ebay release things into your lungs when they get hot. And unreliable. Might turn into a bath salt zombie..
  18. Arizer solo. Hands down

    You know that it would be untrue, you know that I would be a liar, if I was to say to you, girl we couldn't get much higher

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