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  1. Hey everyone, new member on the site, been smoking for almost a year now and looking for a vape for this summer. Really I'm looking for something that will be really stealthy (and not more than $150) to possibly take along for a King's Island trip and and possible room/car smoking with minimal smell and good quality for the price.
    Any recommendations? Not really looking for the Magic Flight, used it before and not a big fan of them.

  2. Look up a G pen and Cloud vaporizer pen if you can get wax.
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  4. [​IMG]
    nuff said  :smoke:
    I haven't seen one of these before fuck why did you have to show me.. I wanted to save my money
  6. Puffit or cloud vape.  I hit my cloud in class.
    Or black atmos raw, looks like a fancy e cig.
  7. i was gonna say mflb but then i saw the puffit
  8. Puffit is just the best hands down haha.  Mflb is awesome too

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