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  1. Hey blades, I know this question has probably been asked. But I like to make sure things are up to date and include certain things I'm considering.\\
    What exactly would be the best first time vaporizer for someone who has never owned one? I've been smoking for about 5 years but mostly just kept to herb in pipe or joints. But now, my girlfriend mentioned a vaporizer that her ex had that actually looks pretty cool and nice. Called the "Da Buddah" vape. The description of it is basically what I want out of a vaporizer. Reduces consumption of herb but get the same affect, highly efficient, allows for FULL FLAVOR. I know some vapes don't really give you a good flavor.
    Right now, me and my girlfriend have some pretty good weed. And I figured, why not hold on to some of this till we have a vape so it lasts longer. I could get Da Buddah buuut..

    Thing is, it's about $189 at the CHEAPEST. Most places it's over 200. Now, I recently got into some legal trouble with a DUI so i'm low on money but I want something that compete with it. And it doesn't even have to be a big stationary device. If there is a vape brand that has a portable one for cheap that does the exact same thing, that would be just as desirable. Actually, probably more so cause we like to smoke on the go a lot and packing around a bigger object that requires a outlet would not work.
    I could wait and get da buddah but being that we have some really good stuff, I'd like to be able to start vaping the quickest i can get something delivered. 

    Thank you all

  2. How 'bout a Vapolution for around 100 bucks?
    I've not heard of that, but I'll look into it and see what i think. 

    also, I was curious how a simple light bulb stacks against a high end one. Obviously, a nice bought vape is going to  be materially better and much easier. But in terms of raw efficiency and effectiveness, do they work good enough to be better than using my pipe?
  4. Honestly its possible to get higher vaping with a less amount of weed than you would smoking.

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  5. do you want the "best" vape? 
    the cheapest vape? 
    or a portable vape?
    if you want one that kind of combines all 3 qualities, i'd say this is your best bet:
    da budda is a great vape, but i'd say extreme q is slightly better (matter of opinion only). i loved my old purple days vape (it was super efficient, probably the most efficient vape i've owned)... 
    so the best vape is really subjective, it depends on your needs. 
    since you are on a budget you might also consider arizer v tower.. it's a cheaper version of exteme q .. because it doesn't have an air fan to me personally it's a no-go...
    another great vape is silver surfer. have no personal experience with it, but it can see that the parts and design is well thought out. like the bowl design and the jar for AVB's. 
  6. lmao the solo does not fit those three things you listed... it only fits the portability part.
    really which other portable vape would you recommend for under $200?
    mflb? yeah it's pretty good... but it doesn't come close to the quality of solo.
    p.s. never said solo was the cheapest it's not the most expensive and for the price it is probably the best portable vape. if you need it explained more clearly :/
  8. One of your things was "do you want the cheapest vape?" And then you lumped the solo in as qualifying for all those needs...
    Lol yeah of course the MFLB... not
    imo the pinnacle pro, hammer, indica, and lotus all kick the solos ass.
    I get it solo fan boys are always with the "Dont hate on my vape, its the best portable on the market"... keep telling your self that, maybe eventually it will be true.
    While I don't have the same dislike for the Solo as PH does, the other alternatives to consider, other than the ones that PH mentioned above are the Flashvape and the Firewood.   There also may be a few that I just can't recall right now, but there are some very viable alternatives to the Solo.  
    i honestly don't give a shit if everyone hates on solo vapes. 
    you just listed a bunch of random cheap vapes. so what?
    solo is less expensive than pax, davinci, firefly ... and it's probably about the same price as indica that you've mentioned.
    and it outperforms majority of the above units ... and certainly outperforms vapir, g pen, etc.
    but i think it's far from the best vape on the market. those only in desktop versions. 
    never heard of flashvape before.. thanks for sharing.
    i think indica and firewood have the same problem... after extended use cleaning and packing becomes a nightmare 
  12. Lol random cheap vapes... your ignorance on vaporizer is showing. Ill just take that as you have no idea what you're talking about.

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  13. I ordered an Arizer Solo on Sunday and it arrived yesterday. It was $127 with shipping included and its awesome. Definitely check it out.
    Well, I already knew that lol. That's why I'm asking about getting a vape.
    To the other replies, I'll check them out and get back to you all. 

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