Best vape for me?

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  1. I've never vaped before, but I've heard of the benefits of vaping for your lungs, and that it conserves your weed/ gets you higher than a bowl? Not sure on that. Money really isn't an issue I just want one that will last that I won't have to replace anytime soon, also I still live with my parents so I would like a portable version that I could use to vape with outside with my girlfriend
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    If your looking for a portable vaporizer I've heard many good things about the Arizer solo. I also had the chance to use one a few times and must say that although the draw rate feels restricted, I was vaped.  :hippie:
  3. I've heard great things about the different types of raiser products, they must be efficient! Thanks ill put that into consideration for sure
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    no seriiously if money isn't an issue than get a volcano. Easiest shit to use, by the the best vape it blows others out of the water. Not even competition. Noone ever really gets them though cause they're like $600 but if money isn't an issue than hell yeah freakin go for it man. greatest invention ever. And they're built to last a long time, i havent heard of anyone having broken pieces or having to get it replaced or anything 
  5. If money is no object and you want full portability, then the Pax is where it's at, no question.
  6. This is complete BS. The volcano is the best bag style vape, but it does not really compete with the best whip style vapes.
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  7. Ok, quite a while ago I was in your situation, considering that i live with my parents in the summer. I heard about the benefits of vaporizing and was immediately intrigued (because i play the trumpet) and it would be better than smoking for my lungs. The question was, which was for me? I did a lot of research on all the main-brand vaporizers (Arizer solo, pax, No2, MFLB) and everything has its own things that they are better than the others at. The MFLB is the most stealthy, but not as good vapor quality and has a learning curve. The No2 has good vapor quality but plastic tubing and a brass heating element which can cause a slight taste-distortion in your bud. The Arizer solo is considered to have some of the best vapor quality, but you sacrifice portability. The pax is probably your best bet, but it smells quite a bit more than the others... I ended up going with the Arizer Solo, because its quality vapor, and have not been disappointed yet. If you want to wait some time, The davinci Ascent is supposed to blow  other portables out of the water, with vapor quality like the solo, portability like the pax, and a bunch of cool other features. I suggest that you do a little research on your own, but here is a general outlining of what you will find. Good luck and stay up!  :smoking:
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  8. Thanks everyone! And thanks a lot for the comparisons Clint rider! So the ascent hasn't come out yet I assume?
  9. I like the MFLB a lot . Just be prepared to have to send in to use the  warranty often. It's not that big of a deal. The screen seems to rip without notice.
  10. Any ideas what the da Vinci vaporisers like? Was gonna go for the seize but am on a budget and the da Vinci it's like?Rt cheaper! All help appreciated, cheers

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  11. Sorry arizer, not seize

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  12. The Ascent has not come out yet, and there is no exact date when it will. But you can pre-order one off of davinci's website. That's what i did, i'm thinking on selling my Arizer Solo and buying the Ascent. The reason being, portability and air flow. The Solo has a restricted draw and has been referred to being like "sucking a football through a water hose". 
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    get a quality pen vape my buddy had one those  fuckers are decent i was gettin damn good hits but he did have hash oil in it lol
  14. I have a Solo now good unit for the abuse it goes thru, it replaced a iolite.  For the iolite i figured out a way to put a whip on it and I thought it made it better.  The ignitor part on the iolite died on me so i hacked it and pout a bbq one in it.  Not so stealthy but good enough for use in my garage still.  The solo gets use probably 6 times a day maybe more depends on how I feel.  I use it on setting 2 mostly and on 3 once in a blue moon.  I can usually get 3 to 4 sessions on a charge then im charging it up.  I dont find it a pain since I cant be attached to the hip with it.
      I choose them for the ease of packing it.  The iolite ive had close to three years now and the solo just under a year.
    yeah actually no, have you not ever hit a volcano? All vapes $200 over are pretty much the same, all vapes do is just heat up the weed so they're all the same. Some may be more accurate at heating it up to the temperature it's supposed to. The volcano is spot on with the temp it's supposed to vape at. Anyways vapes aren't bongs where there's different types of diffusers and percolators and all that. The volcano is simple to use, just pop your shit in the chamber, wait like 30 seconds, and then you have a giant bag full of vape to just keep hitting. It's so simple and easy, works great jsut about the same as all the others SSV arizer and all that
  16. As what Foridacrip said, you're statements are just not true. 
    Not everyone likes sucking on bags to get their vapor.   While it can be stated that the 'Cano is the best bag vape on the market, there's no way in hell that it can be stated that it is the best vape on the market.  It may be the best for YOU, but I know many who own multiple vapes INCLUDING the Volcano, but the only time they take their 'Cano out of the closet is when they have a party going on.
    There are a few downsides of a vape that uses a bag as a delivery system versus whip based vapes and I can list those if you want, but again, you're statement that the Volcano is the best vaporizer on the market is totally false, unless of course, you are only talking about bag vapes.
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    Yes I have hit a Volcano and I stand by my original statement. Vapes, just like bongs, have many different styles. Most vapes are easy to use, some even easier than the cano is.
    Honestly saying that most vapes are the same is pretty ignorant.
  18. Personally, I'd reccomend you wait till the Da Vinci ascent comes out.  It's supposed to be great, but obviously youre gonna have to wait!  It should be within a few weeks.
    Otherwise, the arizer solo would be my reccomendation if you don't mind if its a little on the large side for a portable vape.  Huge hits, great value.
    For ultimate secrecy, get a MFLB.  Its only $100, and once you learn to not burn with it, its great!
  19. Obviously, cano if you don't want a portable and have tons of money.  Or DBV is a great cheaper alternative (or SSV).

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