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    Hey I will be utilizing a 3' x 28" x 5' room for my grow using a 400w mh for vegging and a 430w hps for flowering. Since this is my first grow i simply want attempt the entire cycle by itself versus getting into seperate vegging and flowering rooms right now. So my question is would I see a greater yield doing say 4 plants in a sea of green type effect, or by just doing one or two plants using scrog and vegging for a bit longer for larger plants? I was originally planning on doing a sea of green, however due to the vertical space I have available to me I'm curious to hear what people with more experience have to say, thanks.

  2. Your space / setup is similar to mine just a little smaller.
    Sea of green is much more effective with a lot of plants, so in you're situation I would scrog for sure.
    I have 4 plants in a 3x3 under a 400w that I am scrogging and just started flowering yesterday.
    Check out the grow link in my sig. You will believe me when you see how many tops you can fit in that space.
  3. Scrog!!

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  4. Agree with andrew, scrog would be better in your situation. SOG is done with clones, you're growing from seed.

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