Best unbreakable bong? Jet Subzero Vs. Steele Concept?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by jodaboda, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. I'm looking for a great unbreakable bong/bubbler.  I want it as smooth as possible, so I assume that means percolator(s), so I'm leaning towards the Jet Subzero (mini) and the Steele Concept.  Is there a better polycarbonate bong out there?  Has anyone tried these two and have an opinion one way or the other?
    I like the look and size of the Steele Concept, but I'm a sucker for the "science" behind the Jet products (and like the carb system).

  2. I have a Steel Concepts an love it, won't have the amount of diffusion going on as the Jet.    That's both a good and a bad thing depending on what you want.
    So you think your Steele is more harsh than the Jet?
    I've never used the Jet, but being that I only vape through my Steele, it's a benefit having less diffusion.    Having less diffusion increases the taste and with vapor and the Steele Concepts, there is no harshness whatsoever.
  5. currently in the same boat trying to decide between these two. i cant believe there isnt some cheap china knockoff of these yet. i think $200-300+ is way too much for non glass.
    ideally id run a vapexhale cloud evo so the steele seems better maybe but thats a ways away still.

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