Best UK Seedbank?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Jakechronic, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Hi, just wondering if anyone can recommend any good quality and trusted seedbanks based in the U.K? Dont really trust shipping in from abroad as have read about a lot of people's deliveries being intercepted..
  2. Yep - its called use the search option or read the current and legit sticky at the top of the page. Sorry trying not to be a douche but all the information you need is here and has been asked a fair few times before.
    Try these:
    Pick 'n' mix
    Pretty much every major seedbank is based in the UK because of the shipping regulations they have.
  3. @[member="DeafGeoff"] sorry fairly new to the site and did search a bit but couldn't find a straight answer as to the best one. Had a browse and Herbies seems the best. Read a few bad things about attitude. Was gonna get some of the Barney's Grape ape but it's out of stock so think I'm gonna try Nirvana's Aurora Indica. Sounds amazing from what I've read. Thanks anyway :)
  4. Meh - no problem. Aurora indica is pretty good. Nirvana is a solid breeder to start your journey with. If you are looking for a dense, heavy and greasy Indica you can try Bomb seeds Hash bomb. I would go for that over Aurora indica.
  5. @[member="DeafGeoff"] that hash bomb sounds nice, but found some grape ape seeds from gorilla so gonna grab a couple, pretty cheap too! Been dying to try it for ages :)
  6. I am a bit suspicious of that to be honest. 50-60 days to produce 600gsm no chance. I definitely feel that barneys have lost their way in the last 3-4 years. some of their classic strains still kick ass but to me it seems like they are just in a bullshit marketing war with Greenhouse.

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