Best type of seal?

Discussion in 'General' started by hanky, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. i know that using some kinda goo shit is good to seal the area around the stem on the bottle, ive noticed hot glue is bad so what kind of like play doh, clay , wax whatever do you think works the best?what do you use?
  2. luke LOL A seal!!!!!!

    Nice Pic!
  3. hahaha ^^ hot glue always works for me, but the best shit is hi-poxy or something i dunno... but the second chamber on my friends bong broke and we used it ..worked like a charm/...
  4. Ever heard of liquid glass? You can get it at the pharmacy..

    Best thing ever to seal or fix glass pieces with!

    EDIT: I thought you had glass...

    For plastic.... use an epoxy and let dry over night so you don't get the fumes of the epoxy.. Very dangerous to your health if not completely dried!

  5. thats it lol, epoxy ...ya works wonders on acrylic....

  6. Liquid glass works wonders on acrylic too!
  7. I allways have some clear silicon or insulation foam at home...
  8. Chewing gum is great for a quick fix, but epoxy and silicon are great long term.

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