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Best type of people to smoke with.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2e3t4y5u, Aug 14, 2012.

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  2. Just a chill person, not some to serious or and their egos can't go to their heads where they think they are shit all the time. Those are kids who usually get their asses kicked. I see a lot of people like that at parties though.

    If I am smoking with people maybe be like 2-3 people or a girl, they just have to have a positive attitude and just relax. I can get down on some critical thinking talk too sometimes.
  3. Someone who can sit back, relax and just enjoy themeselves whatever the activity. Also should be able to engage in a mildly intellectual conversation.
  4. People who I can just look out at the stars with and have a couple hour conversation about whats really out there and how big our universe actually is
  5. Funny people who are a little stupid in the head but otherwise great people are the best in my opinion. Smart, wise stoners can be a little intimidating for me. When I'm high, I just want to be goofy and laughing and be myself and not have to worry about making some snob uncomfortable.
  6. Girls that know what they're doing.
  7. I like smoking with people that I can't just click with on anything. Like the other day I told my friend we needed to take another hit so we could take another vacation and shit you not he said my fortune cookie said I needed to take a vacation (he just got back from China dragon ).

    Another story, me n a friend from school days smoked and I was flipping through Sirius XM and landed on a station called Chill and we were both saying "I luv this shit"

    For real tho, check out channel 53 on Sirius XM when ur fried cuz its mostly instrumentals and its siiiick. The piano only tracks are so badass
  8. People who are not afraid to be their selves.
  9. People that don't complain, are very polite, and know where the limits are....when I was in high school I hated smoking with most people because they would act stupid and be in general way too hyper. Oh and also a person who can have an interesting conversation with.

  10. Disgusting. Stfu and pass the blunt.
  11. I hate smoking with people that think we're supposed to discover the meaning of life and shit. Like dude, Stfu and chill out.
  12. People who are relaxed and down to earth.
  13. People that pitch in or don't go crazy on someone elses weed.
  14. i did this thread already.

  15. I read this four times and I still have no idea what the fuck you are talking about lol
  16. I enjoy educating others, but also having conversations with well educated cannabinophiles! When Tharedhead and I got together a while back, we were up half the night gabbling about CB receptors, anandamide, and THC.

  17. A smart logical person who just relaxes, enjoys their smoking environment whether it be indoors or outdoors with crazy views, and lets their mind take off with a billions of thoughts and questions.
  18. in my opinion i love smoking with people than can sit there and go deep into the meaning of things.

    my bad didnt do any searches.

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