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best type of people to smoke with ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 420dopeaf, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. what do you think is the best type of people to smoke with ? sorry if this thread has been done before (i hope not)

    i think the best type of people to smoke with are those who like to make alotta funny jokes and tell cool interesting stories like my big brother. lol i also like smoking with people who's always prepared they come with an extra bluntwrap just incase,an extra lighter,munchies,something to drink lol those are like the best people to smoke with
  2. My friends pretty much, we listen to the same music, play the same games, pretty much people who like the same shit as you, if i can chill with you sober being stoned with you will be that much funner :p
  3. People that dont act drunk when they're high.

  4. I'm glad i've never met anyone like this... I don't like how people act when they're drunk anyways... obnoxious imo
  5. people who are easy to get along with/make me laugh and laugh about shit more than the average person

    cause laughter is a cure :)
  6. ppl like me
  7. people not like him ^

    JK :)
  8. Very close friends/girlfriend is my favorite because they're people I'm very comfortable with and can 100% be myself around. I find those are the times I get the really uplifting, giggly, amazing highs.
  9. Ones with weed.

    But...use common sense, ya know?
  10. People who still have a pulse.
  11. i like smoking with people i know and girls
  12. Someone you get along with, THAT PAID FOR IT AS WELL SO IT'S FAIR. Sorry, I had to smoke with people who expected me to pay for literally every part and they got to demand me around as well.

    Either way, someone chill, same habits, childhood friends are the funniest to smoke with when your older :smoke:
  13. someone who doesnt do a smoke and run or who isnt there just for the weed!
  14. People that are funny and easy to get along with. but some of my favorite is smoking with a noob and just watching him get ripped haha
  15. #15 shaddytheman, Jul 31, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 31, 2012
    People who are easy to get along, love to laugh and relax, people you can be yourself with without having anybody criticizing you. Also fun conversations, that's why I mostly smoke with my boy cause he's chill.

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